Volume 51

The 51st Algonquian Conference was held from October 25 to 27, 2019, at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was organized by Janine Metallic (McGill University), Jessica Coon (McGill University), Amy Dahlstrom (University of Chicago), Monica Macaulay (University of Wisconsin–Madison), Margaret Noodin (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), and Angela Mesic (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee). This fully refereed volume was edited by Monica Macaulay and Margaret Noodin.

This volume is now available from MSU press: order.


Monica Macaulay, Margaret Noodin


Jerome Biedny, Andrea Cudworth, Sarah Holmstrom, Monica Macaulay, Gabrielle Mistretta, Joseph Salmons, Charlotte Vanhecke, and Bo Zhan

Lexical Relationships in Central Algonquian

David J. Costa

Prenouns and Noun Compounding in Miami-Illinois

Andrew Cowell

How Many Classifiers in Arapaho?

R.-M. Déchaine, M. Dufresne, and S. Frazier

The Deployment of Ojibwe Discourse Markers

Erik D. Gooding

Put No Faith in the Foxes. They Are a Proud People. They Despise the French and All the Other Nations Also: Understanding Meshkwaki Social Landscapes through Semiotic Analysis of Ethnonyms

Robert E. Lewis Jr.

The Scattered Evidential System of Potawatomi

Angela Mesic

Gii-moozhiginigaazowag Miinawaa Gii-webinigaazowag (They Were Kidnapped and Orphaned): Including Boarding School History in Anishinaabemowin Curriculum

Cherry Meyer

Exceptional Animates in Ojibwe: The Link between Gender and Classifiers

Maral Aguilera-Moradipour

Constellational Visions: International Configurations of Survivance in Gerald Vizenor’s Hiroshima Bugi

Cécile Planchon, Marie-Odile Junker, John O’Meara, and Claire Owen

Adapting the CEFR to Algonquian Languages

Mskwaankwad Rice

#Begish naa weweni bgosendmaan—I Hope I’m Hoping Properly: Hope and Wish Constructions in Nishnaabemwin

Richard A. Rhodes

Ojibwe Obstruent Voicing

Rachel Vogel and Sarah E. Murray

Prosodically Conditioned Phonology in Cheyenne

H. C. Wolfart

Obligation and Restriction in Plains Cree