The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Sable, Trudy
Trudy Sable
1997  Multiple layers of meaning in the Mi’kmaw serpent dance. 28:329-340.
Salisbury, Neal
Neal Salisbury
1975  Prospero in New England: The Puritan Missionary as Colonist. 6:253-273.
Salt, Luci Bobbish
Barbara Burnaby, Marguerite MacKenzie & Luci Bobbish Salt
1998  Factors in Aboriginal Mother Tongue Education: The Cree School Board Case. 29:62-73.
Samson, Gilles
Gilles Samson
1976  Ethno-History and Archaeology of the Mushuau Innuts. 7:39-61.
Savard, Rémi
Rémi Savard
1977  Mythes et cosmologies des Indiens montagnais: résultats préliminaires. 8:50-76.
Schenck, Theresa M.
Theresa M. Schenck
1997  The Algonquian totem and totemism: a distortion of the semantic field. 28:341-353.
2000  “We Subsist upon Indian Charity’‘: George Nelson and the Wisconsin Ojibwa. 31:339-345.
Theresa Schenck
1994  Identifying the Ojibwa. 25:395-405.
Schmidt, David L.
David L. Schmidt
1993  The Micmac Hieroglyphs: A Reassessment. 24:346-363.
Schreyer, Christine
Christine Schreyer
2003  Travel Routes of the Chapleau Cree: An Ethnohistorical Study 34:321-331.
Schultz, Beth A.
Beth A. Schultz, Ripan S. Malhi & David G. Smith
2001  Examining the Proto-Algonquian Migration: Analysis of mtDNA 32:470-492.
Schumann, Schumann, Jill R.
Jill R. Schumann
1982  The Diffusion of Alcohol: Through Membrane into Culture. 13:37-45.
Seeber, Pauleena
Frank T. Siebert & Pauleena Seeber
1983  Penobscot Reflexive Verbs. 14:331-344.
Seeber, Pauleena MacDougall
Pauleena MacDougall Seeber
1984  The European Influence on Abenaki Economics Before 1615. 15:201-214.
1985  The Bird Names of Aubery and Rasles. 16:171-181.
1986  Dialect Symbols in Aubery’s Dictionary. 17:297-311.
1988  The Maine Indian Guide. 19:175-185.
Shields, Rebecca
Rebecca Shields
2004  Word Order and Discourse in Menominee 35:373-388.
2005  Menominee Preverbs as Functional Categories 36:383-406.
Shrofel, Sally M.
H. Christoph Wolfart & Sally M. Shrofel
1977  Aspects of Cree Interference in Island Lake Ojibwa. 8:156-167.
Siebert, Frank T.
Frank T. Siebert
1980  The Penobscot Dictionary Project: Preferencesand Problems of Format, Presentation, and Entry. 11:113-127.
1982  Frank G. Speck, Personal Reminiscences. 13:91-136.
1983  The First Maine Indian War: Incident at Machias. 14:137-156.
1984  Compound Verbs in Penobscot. 15:389-394.
1988  Tag-Questions in Penobscot. 19:187-190.
1989  The Bonaventure Hatchet. 20:301-305.
Frank T. Siebert & Pauleena Seeber
1983  Penobscot Reflexive Verbs. 14:331-344.
Silverman, David J.
David J. Silverman
2000  Losing the Language: The Decline of Algonquian Tongues and the Challenge of Indian Identity in Southern New England. 31:346-366.
Silverstein, Cory
Cory Silverstein
1997  “That’s just the kind of thing this lake does’‘: Anishnaabe reflections on knowledge, experience, and the power of words. 28:354-364.
Simmons, William S.
William S. Simmons
1976  Southern New England Shamanism: An Ethnographic Reconstruction. 7:217-256.
1979  The Great Awakening and Indian Conversion in Southern New England. 10:25-36.
1982  Return of the Timid Giant: Algonquian Legends of Southern New England. 13:237-
1984  Genres in New England Indian Folklore. 15:69-80.
Simon, Marcia George
C. Bruce Lawrence & Marcia George Simon
1996  Comparing stories: the London Free Press vs. Stoney Point First Nation. 27:152-
Skjon, E. Lee
E. Lee Skjon
2001  Point of View, Reported Speech, and Obviation in Two Fox Texts 32:493-515.
Slavin, Tanya
Tanya Slavin
2006  Some Semantic Consequences of the Structural Position of Preverbs in Severn Ojibwe 37:293-310.
Smith, David G.
Beth A. Schultz, Ripan S. Malhi & David G. Smith
2001  Examining the Proto-Algonquian Migration: Analysis of mtDNA 32:470-492.
Smith, James G.E.
James G.E. Smith
1976a  Notes on the Wittiko. 7:18-38.
1976b  On the Territorial Distribution of the Western Woods Cree. 7:414-435.
Smith, Nicholas N.
Cath Oberholtzer & Nicholas N. Smith
1995  I’m the Last One Who Does Do It: Birch Bark Biting, an Almost Lost Art. 26:306-321.
Nicholas N. Smith
1976  Christmas Holidays Important to the Wabanaki. 7:115-128.
1977  The Changing Role of the Wabanaki Chief and Shaman. 8:213-221.
1979  The Adoption of Medicinal Plants by the Wabanaki. 10:167-172.
1980  Food versus Nutrition: The Changing Diet of the Mistassini Cree. 11:128-134.
1982  Meductic Reassessed 1981. 13:201-209.
1983  The Wabanaki-Mohawk Conflict: A Folkhistory Tradition. 14:49-56.
1984  The Cree Spring Goose Hunt. 15:81-90.
1988  From Beads to Paper: Passamaquoddy Problems and the Dissolution of a Caughnawaga Grand Council Tradition. 19:191-199.
1989  The Economics of the Wabanaki Basket Industry. 20:306-316.
1990  The Long Shot: Fact and Tradition. 21:337-344.
1991  The Three Faces of Katahdin. 22:336-345.
1992  Fort La Presentation: The Abenaki. 23:344-353.
1993  The Wabanaki as Mariners. 24:364-380.
1994  Gift Diplomacy: Medals for the Wabanaki. 25:406-425.
1996  The Wabanaki trading dance. 27:238-247.
1998  Stories Told at Breakup, Moose Factory 1983. 29:301-310.
2000  Between the Lines: Notes and Insights from Forty-eight Years among the Wabanaki. 31:367-380.
2001  Three Centuries of Progress in Three Decades: Mistissini 1960-1990 32:516-526.
2005  The Rebirth of a Nation? A Chapter in Penobscot History 36:407-423.
2007  Maine’s Indians and the State: A Survey of the Challenges 38:391-402.
Nicholas N. Smith & Willard Walker
1997  The changing role of shamans and their magic in the validation and maintenance of Wabanaki culture. 28:365-371.
Snow, Dean R.
Dean R. Snow
1976a  The Solon Petroglyphs and Eastern Abenaki Shamanism. 7:281-288.
1976b  The Archaeological Implications of the Proto-Algonquian Urheimat. 7:339-346.
Spielmann, Roger
Gordon Polson & Roger Spielmann
1990  “Once There Were Two Brothers“: Religious Tension in One Algonquin Community. 21:303-312.
Roger Spielmann
1987  Preference and Sequential Organization in Algonquin. 18:321-333.
1988  What’s so Funny? Laughing Together in Algonquin Conversation. 19:201-212.
Roger Spielmann & Bertha Chief
1986  Requesting and Rejecting in Algonquin: Notes on a Conversation. 17:313-326.
Staab, Rodney
Rodney Staab
1992  Dining with the Delawares: Kansas Delaware Homes and Hospitality 1830s-1860s. 23:354-365.
1994  “When Shawnees Die They Go To Probate Court”: Cultural Practices of the Kansas Shawnees 1830s-1860s. 25:426-444.
1996  Ceremonialism of the Kansas Ottawa: Jotham Meeker’s commentary. 27:248-276.
2000  Hypolite Bolon Père et Fils: Interpreters to the Delawares (and Other Prairie Algonquians). 31:381-401.
Starks, Donna
Donna Starks
1987  An Introduction to Woods Cree: The Case of South Indian Lake. 18:335-344.
Steager, Peter W.
Peter W. Steager
1976  The Child Who Was Not Born Naturally-Necessity and Confusion in a Cree Myth. 7:175-196.
Steegman, A.T., Jr.
A.T. Steegman, Jr.
1976  Physical Anthropology in Northwestern Ontario: Progress Report on the Northern Algonquian Project. 7:272-280.
Stephens, Christianne V.
Christianne V. Stephens
2006  “Speaking the Pictures in my Head”: Residential School Discourse as a Vehicle for Theorizing the Past 37:311-332.
Stewart-Smith, David
David Stewart-Smith
1994  Pennacook-Pawtucket Relations: The Cycles of Family Alliance on the Merrimack River in the 17th Century. 25:445-468.
Strong, John A.
John A. Strong
1985  Tribal Systems and Land Alienation: A Case Study. 16:183-200.
1986  Shinnecock Whalers: A Case Study in Seventeenth Century Assimilation Patterns. 17:327-342.
1988  Indian Biography Project. 19:213-223.
Swan, Ruth
Ruth Swan
1987  Visual Images in Native History: Island Lake, Manitoba. 18:345-354.
Ruth Swan & Edward A. Jerome
1998  The Collin Family at Thunder Bay: A Case Study of Métissage. 29:311-327.
2001  A Mother and Father of Pembina: A NWC Voyageur Meets the Granddaughter of The Buffaloe 32:527-551.
Sweeney, Kevin
Evan Haefeli & Kevin Sweeney
1994  Wattanummon’s World: Personal and Tribal Identity in the Algonquian Diaspora c. 1660-1712. 25:212-224.
Swiggers, Pierre
Pierre Swiggers
1987  Compounding in Blackfoot. 18:355-362.
1988  Theoretical Implications of C.C. Uhlenbeck’s Algonquian Studies. 19:225-234.
1989  Edward Sapir in the Frank Speck Correspondence. 20:317-325.
1991  Philologists Meet Algonquian: Du Ponceau and Pickering on Eliot’s Grammar. 22:346-358.
Szabó, László, László
László Szabó
1977  Lemoine’s French-Algonquin Dictionary. 8:168-170.
1979  Les noms de lieux dans les phrases malécites. 10:118-120.
1980  Des particules négatives dans les phrases malécites. 11:49-53.
1981  The Use of Verbal Enclitics in Malecite. 12:106-113.