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Volume 33

The 33rd Algonquian Conference was held at the University of California, Berkley on 25-28 October 2001. Sixteen of the papers presented at the conference are included in Papers of the Thirty-Third Algonquian Conference, edited by H.C. Wolfart.

August 2002. Pp. x, 432. ISSN 0031-5671; v.33 $48.00.


Anne-Marie Baraby, Anne Bellefleur-Tetaut, Louise Canapé, Caroline Gabriel and Marie-Paule Mark

Incorporation of Body-Part Medials in the Contemporary Innu (Montagnais) Language

Charles A. Bishop

Northern Ojibwa Emergence: The Migration

Phil Branigan and Marguerite MacKenzie

Word Order Variation at the Left Periphery in Innu-aimûn

David J. Costa

Preverb Usage in Shawnee Narratives

Andrew Cowell and Alonzo Moss, Sr.

The Conjunct Order in Arapaho: Forms and Functions

Regna Darnell

The Québécois and the Amérindiens in the Debate on Canadian Identity

Ives Goddard

Grammatical Gender in Algonquian

Laurel Anne Hasler

Sustained and Shifting Obviation in a Sheshatshiu Innu-aimûn Story

Joan Lovisek

Transmission Difficulties: The Use and Abuse of Oral History in Aboriginal Claims

Allan K. McDougall and Lisa Philips Valentine

Murky Law: What is a Reserve Given the Stoney Point Cases?

Marianne Milligan and Monica Macaulay

Narrative Structure of a Menominee Text

David H. Pentland

Miss Freeman’s List of “Indian Words” and the Ojibwa Language in 19th-Century Southern Ontario

Harald E.L. Prins

The Crooked Path of Dummer’s Treaty: Anglo-Wabanaki Diplomacy and the Quest for Aboriginal Rights

Charlotte Reinholtz

On the Characterization of the Cree Question Particle

Lisa Philips Valentine and Allan K. McDougall

A Separation Agreement Forty Years in the Making

Thomas Vennum

War Whoops, Hisses, and Animal Cries: Extra-Musical Sounds in Traditional Ojibwe Song Performance