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Volume 38

The 38th Algonquian Conference was held at the University of British Columbia in October 2006. This fully refereed volume was edited by H.C. Wolfart.

September 2007. Pp. xiii, 416. ISSN 0831-5671; v. 38 $48.00.


George F. Aubin

The Negative Future Imperative in Algonquin

Heather Bliss

Object Agreement in Blackfoot: Sentient and Non-Sentient Controllers

Julie Brittain, Carrie Dyck, Yvan Rose & Marguerite MacKenzie

The Chisasibi Child Language Acquisition Study (CCLAS): A Progress Report

Clare Cook

Distinguishing Modes in Plains Cree

David J. Costa

The Dialectology of Southern New England Algonquian

Regna Darnell & Christianne Stephens

Species at Risk, Language at Risk: Reflections on Translation from the Walpole Island First Nation

David Denton

The Land as an Aspect of Cree History: Exploring Whapmagoostui Cree Place Names

Matthew S. Dryer

Kutenai, Algonquian and the Pacific Northwest from an Areal Perspective

Ives Goddard

Reconstruction and History of the Independent Indicative

Jamie Hack & J. Dean Mellow

A Functional Analysis of the Acquisition of Oji-Cree (Severn Ojibwe)

Wayne Leman

The Impact of Language Change on Cheyenne Orthographic Practice

Éric Mathieu

Petite syntaxe des finales concrètes en ojibwe

Fred Moore & John S. Long

Private Fred Moore: A Cree “Halfbreed” at the Battle of Normandy

Jeffrey Mühlbauer

The Speaker’s Knowledge and Obviation in Plains Cree

Nicholas N. Smith

Maine’s Indians and the State: A Survey of the Challenges

Jan P. van Eijk

Salish and Algonquian: A Possible Relationship Revisited