The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Dahlstrom, Amy
1994  An Analog to Tough Movement in Fox Syntax. 25:59-71.
1995  Motivation vs. Predictability in Algonquian Gender. 26:52-66.
2003  Owls and cannibals revisited: Traces of windigo features in Meskwaki texts 34:81-114.
2006  The Syntax of Algonquian Ethnopoetics 37:131-147.
Dana, Carol
1984  Restoring Penobscot in the Elementary School Curriculum. 15:15-19.
Darnell, Regna
1991  Thirty-Nine Postulates of Plains Cree Conversation, “Power”, and Interaction: A Culture-Specific Model. 22:89-102.
1992  The Inadvertent Muffling of Native Voices in the Southwestern Ontario Media. 23:91- 106.
1993  Functions of English in Southwestern Ontario Native Discourse: The Basis of Traditional Language Maintenance and Revival. 24:81-96.
1994  Private Discourse, Public Discourse and Algonquian Oral Tradition. 25:72-82.
1996  Cree kinship semantics as interaction. 27:37-53.
1997  Framing First-Person Narratives in Algonquian Public Discourse. 28:92-104.
1998  Rethinking the Concepts of Band and Tribe, Community and Nation: An Accordion Model of Nomadic Native American Social Organization. 29:90-105.
2000  The Primacy of Writing and the Persistence of the Primitive. 31:54-67.
2001  Representations of Algonquians as Prototypical First Nations: The National Film Board of Canada 32:100-113.
2002  The Québecois and the Amérindiens in the debate on Canadian identity 33:181-194
2003  Algonquian Perspectives on Social Cohesion in Canadian Society 34:115-127.
2004  The Persistence of Nomadic Habits in Urban-Rural Migration: Towards a Qualitative Demography 35:75-89.
2006  Residential School Discourses and the Discourses of Self-Government: Changing Resonances of Land and Language in Algonquian Narratives 37:149-160.
[Regna Darnell & Maria Cristina Manzano Munguia]
2005  Nomadic Legacies and Urban Algonquian Residence 36:173-186.
[Regna Darnell & Christianne Stephens]
2007  Species at Risk, Language at Risk: Reflections on Translation from the Walpole Island First Nation 38:129-142.
[Regna Darnell, Tracy Vanek & Paul Hogan]
1995  Reframing the Representation of the “The Canadian Indian” in the Ontario Academic Credit Curriculum. 26:67-84.
Daviault, Diane
1986  La structure d’argument en algonquin. 17:81-91.
1987  Un aperçu de la morphologie verbale dans la grammaire du Père Nicolas. 18:69-94.
1988  Aspects of the Historical Evolution of Obviative Marking in Ojibwa. 19:17-29.
1993  Explorations dans le domaine du changement diachronique en morphologie des langues algonquiennes. 24:97-103.
[Diane Daviault, M. Dufresne, S. Girouard, J.D. Kaye, & P.
1978  L’Algonquin du Nord. 9:55-60.
Dawe-Sheppard, Audrey
1987  The Imperative/Jussive Distinction in Micmac. 18:95-101.
1988  The Historical Morphology of the Independent Order of the Micmac TA Verb. 19:31-
Dawson, K.A.C.
1975  The Western Area Algonkians. 6:30-41.
1976  Historic Populations of Northwestern Ontario. 7:157-174.
Day, Gordon M
1975  Early Merrimack Toponymy. 6:372-394.
1977  Indian Place-Names as Ethnohistoric Data. 8:26-31.
1978  Ethnology in the Works of Rowland E. Robinson. 9:36-39.
1979  Arosagunticook and Androscoggin. 10:10-15.
[Gordon M. Day and Charles A. Bishop]
1986  How We Came to Be: The Algonquian Conference in Perspective. 17:93-100.
DeBlois, Albert D.
1987  Micmac ayej-Particle, Noun, Verb …? 18:103-112.
1993  Gordon Day. 24:430.
Déchaine, Rose-Marie
1997  Nominal Predication in Plains Cree. 28:105-135.
Denny, J. Peter
1975  Semantic Organization in Relation to the Traditional Algonquian Economy. 6:336-343.
1977  Semantics of Abstract Finals in Inanimate Intransitive Verbs. 8:124-142.
1983  Micmac Semantics: Medials for Noun Classes. 14:363-368.
1984  Semantic Verb Classes and Abstract Finals. 15:241-271.
1989  Algonquian Connections to Salishan and Northeastern Archaeology. 20:86-107.
1991  The Algonquin Migration from Plateau to Midwest: Linguistics and Archaeology. 22:103-124.
1994  Archaeological Correlates of Algonquian Languages in Quebec-Labrador. 25:83-105.
2001  Symmetry Preferences in Algonquian Abstract Designs 32:114-127.
2004  Construction Grammar and Verb Semantics in Cree and Ojibwe. 35:91-96 35:91-96.
Denton, David
2007  The Land as an Aspect of Cree History: Exploring Whapmagoostui Cree Place Names. 38:143-154.
Denzer-King, Ryan
2012  The Status of Blackfoot /s/ Analyzed in Optimality Theory. 40:97-135.
Désveaux, Emmanuel
1983  Mythologie et astronomie des Indiens de Big Trout Lake. 14:203-218.
1984  La fonction gélinotte. 15:33-48.
1987  À énigme locale, résolution continentale: nains lithiques et engoulevent. 18:113-120.
1988  Metamorphosis as a Limit to the Symbolic Values of Animals. 19:39-47.
1993  Les grands lacs et les plaines, le figuratif et le géométrique, les hommes et les femmes. 24:104-112.
Dieleman, Marinus
1983  Some Trends in Native Adult Education: Should We be Optimistic? 14:13-26.
1992  Some Implications Concerning Forms of Consciousness and Resistance in Native Adult Learners. 23:107-118.
Drapeau, Lynn
1978  Aspects de la néologie dénominative en montagnais. 9:214-223.
1983  L’allomorphie des radicaux TA en montagnais. 14:269-280.
1986  Entre le rêve et la réalité: le mode subjectif en montagnais. 17:101-120.
Lynn Drapeau, Alan Ford, & Micheline Noreau-Hébert
1975  Sur la dialectologie phonologique du montagnais. 6:344-361.
Peter Bakker and Lynn Drapeau
1994  Adventures with the Beothuks in 1787: A Testimony from Jean Conan’s Autobiography. 25:32-45.
Dryer, Matthew S.
1992  A Comparison of the Obviation Systems of Kutenai and Algonquian. 23:119-163.
1996  Passive vs. indefinite actor construction in Plains Cree. 27:54-79.
2007  Kutenai, Algonquian and the Pacific Northwest from an Areal Perspective. 38:155-206.
Dubé, Claire
1994  Le calendrier micmac: repères astronomiques et cosmologiques. 25:106-118.
Dufrene, Phoebe
1991  Contemporary Powhatan Art and Culture: Its Link with Tradition and Implications for the Future. 22:125-136.
Duplisea, Chris
1997  Cross-modal synesthetic sensory metaphors: communicationg the experience and understanding of power in a Maliseet sweat lodge ceremony. 28:136-161.
Dyck, Carrie
Julie Brittain & Carrie Dyck
2006  Initial Change as Abstract Vowel Realization 37:19-35.