The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Caldwell, Alan
Alan Caldwell & Monica Macaulay
2000  The Current Status of the Menominee Language. 31:18-29.
Campana, Mark
Mark Campana
1989  Algonquian and the Absolutive Case Hypothesis. 20:70-78.
1994  Possessor-Licensing in Passamaquoddy. 25:46-58.
Chaland, Philippe
Philippe Charland
2006  Aln8baïwi kdakina — Notre monde à la manière abénakise : La toponymie abénakise au Québec 37:49-73.
Chapdelaine, Claude
Claude Chapdelaine
1983  La culture préhistorique “Pointe Péninsule”: Algonquienne ou iroquoienne? 14:159- 167.
Claude Chapdelaine & Greg Kennedy
1990  The Identity of the Prehistoric Occupants of the Temiscouata Area. 21:72-83.
Chief, Bertha
Roger Spielmann & Bertha Chief
1986  Requesting and Rejecting in Algonquin: Notes on a Conversation. 17:313-326.
Chute, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Chute
1992  Ceremony, Social Revitalization and Change: Micmac Leadership and the Annual Festival of St. Anne. 23:45-61.
1993  The Concept of “Tribe” as a Useful Tool for Examining Micmac Organization and Leadership. 24:17-31.
Chute, Janet Elizabeth.
Janet E. Chute
1995  Pursuing the Great Spirit’s Power: Ojibwa Ways of Revitalizing the Failing World System. 26:35-51.
1997  Preservation of ethnic diversity at Garden River: a key to Ojibwa strength. 28:44-70.
Clarke, Sandra
Deborah James, Sandra Clarke, & Marguerite MacKenzie
1996  Indirect evidentials in the Cree/Montagnais/Naskapi of Quebec and Labrador. 27:135-151.
Marguerite MacKenzie & Sandra Clarke
1983  The Sheshatshiu Sociolinguistic Variability Project: A Preliminary Report. 14:249-
Sandra Clarke & Marguerite MacKenzie
1980  Indian Teacher Training Programs: An Overview and Evaluation. 11:19-32.
1982  Emerging Rules in North West River (Shesha:tshi:t) Montagnais. 13:219-235.
1984  Language Change in Sheshatsiu Montagnais. 15:225-240.
1986  Social Correlates of Linguistic Variation in Sheshatshiu Montagnais. 17:65-80.
Sandra Clarke, Marguerite Mackenzie & Deborah James
1993  Preverb Usage in Cree/Montagnais/Naskapi. 24:32-45.
Clermont, Norman
Norman Clermont
1977  La transformation historique des systèmes économiques algonquiens. 8:182-187.
Clifton, James A.
James A. Clifton
1975  Potowatomi Leadership Roles: On <em>Okama</em> and Other Influential Personages. 6:42-99.
Cohen, Lucy M.
Lucy M. Cohen
2006  Reflections on Regina Flannery’s Career 37:375-389.
Common, R.W.
R.W. Common
1990  Toward a More Equitable Post-Secondary Educational System for Natives in Canada. 21:84-99.
Conathan, Lisa
Lisa Conathan
2005  Arapaho Verbal Reduplication: Form and Meaning 36:95-105.
Lisa Conathan & Esther Wood
2003  Repetitive Reduplication in Yurok and Karuk: Semantic Effects of Contact 34:19-33.
Cook, Clare
Clare Cook
2003  A Semantic Classificationof Menominee Preverbs 34:35-56.
2006  Prosodic Correlates of Plains Cree Clause Boundaries: Patterns from Two Speakers 37:75-101.
Clare Cook & Jeff Mühlbauer
2006  The Behaviour of Obviation in Elicitation 37:103-129.
Cook, Eung-Do
Eung-Do Cook
1991  Lexical Derivation and Stress in Cree. 22:21-29.
Cooter, David
David Cooter
1989  L’Apparat françois-montagnais du Père Laure. 20:79-85.
Corbiere, Alan
Alan Corbiere
2003  Exploring Historical LIteracy in Manitoulin Island Ojibwe 34:57-80.
Corbiere, Mary Ann
Mary Ann Corbiere
1997  Gaawii wi kidwin miiksesnoo: semantic rules for the selection of some Ojibwe adverbs. 28:71-84.
Costa, David J.
David J. Costa
1991  Approaching the Sources on Miami-Illinois. 22:30-47.
1993  The Mission Press Wea Primer of 1837. 24:46-63.
2000  Miami-Illinois Tribe Names. 31:30-53.
2002  Preverb Usage in Shawnee Narratives 33:120-161.
2005  The St-Jérôme Dictionary of Miami-Illinois 36:107-133.
Cote, Margaret R.
Margaret R. Cote, Solomon Ratt & Terry J. Klokeid
1987  Conditional Sentences in Cree and Saulteaux. 18:49-57.
Cowan, William
William Cowan
1976  The Generation Gap in Montagnais Dialectology. 7:323-338.
1977  *xk/<theta>k proto-algonquien dans le montagnais du 17e siècle. 8:143- 150.
1979  Pierres tombales indiennes à Moisie. 10:3-9.
1982  General Treat’s Vocabulary of Narragansett. 13:11-21.
1983  Marginalia Algonquiana. 14:321-329.
1984  The Indian from Olympus. 15:125-134.
1987  Ojibwa Vocabulary in Longfellow’s Hiawatha. 18:59-67.
1991  Philogical Spadework in the Jesuit Relations: A Letter in Algonquin. 22:48-57.
1992  Cree Vocabulary in the Works of James Oliver Curwood. 23:63-78.
1998  Delaware Vocabulary in the Works of Conrad Richter. 29:74-89.
Cowell, Andrew
Andrew Cowell
2005  Arapaho Plant Names 36:135-171.
Andrew Cowell & Alonzo Moss, Sr.
2002  The Conjunct Order in Arapaho: Forms and Functions 33:162-180.
2004  The Linguistic Structure of Arapaho Personal Names 35:61-74.
Craik, Brian
Brian Craik
1975  Fur Trapping and Food Sharing in Fort George, Québec. 6:223-236.
1979  We are Divided by the Light: Experience and Belief in a Cree Society. 10:66-78.
1982  The Animate in Cree Language and Ideology. 13:29-35.
Creighton, Eugene
Donald G. Franz & Eugene Creighton
1982  The Indefinite Possessor Prefix in Blackfoot. 13:137-142.
Cristian, Viviana
Viviana Cristian
2006  Bibliography of Regina Flannery (Herzfeld) 37:493-496.
Cude, Daniel G.
Daniel G. Cude
2001  Identifying the Ojibway of Northern Lake Superior and the Boundary Water Region, 1650-1750 32:74-99.
Cummins, Bryan
Bryan Cummins
1990  Attawapiskat Cree Land Use and State Intervention. 21:100-113.
1992  Trapper-Trader: An Analysis of the Structure of Relations. 23:79-90.
Cyr, Danielle
Danielle Cyr
1991  Algonquin Orders as Aspectual Markers: Some Typological Evidence and Pragmatic Considerations. 22:58-88.
1993  Demonstratives and Definite Articles in Plains Cree. 24:64-80.
Cywink, Alex
Alex Cywink
Bridging the gap: Anishnaabe storytelling as an educational method. 28:85-91.