The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Jaenen, Cornelius J.
Cornelius J. Jaenen
1978  Concepts of America, Ameridians, and Acculturation. 9:81-95.
James, Deborah
Deborah James
1982  Past Tense, Imperfective Aspect, and Irreality in Cree. 13:143-160.
1983  Simple versus Conjunct Verbs in Moose Cree: Some Whys and Wherefores. 14:345- 361.
1984  The Dubitative in Moose Cree. 15:287-302.  
1986  Foreground and Background in Moose Cree Narratives. 17:155-174.
Deborah James, Sandra Clarke, & Marguerite MacKenzie
1996  Indirect evidentials in the Cree/Montagnais/Naskapi of Quebec and Labrador. 27:135-151.
Sandra Clarke, Marguerite Mackenzie & Deborah James
1993  Preverb Usage in Cree/Montagnais/Naskapi. 24:32-45.
Jancewicz, Bill
Bill Jancewicz
1997  Nominalizations in Naskapi: production and inflection. 28:181-199.
2000  Naskapi Discourse: Analysis of a Contemporary Text. 31:161-199.
Bill Jancewicz & Marie-Odile Junker
2012 Cree Syllabic Fonts: Development, Compatibility, and Usage in the Digital World. 40:151-170.
Bill Jancewicz & Marguerite MacKenzie
1998  Preverbs in Naskapi: Function and Distribution. 29:150-168.
Bill Jancewicz & Silas Nabinicaboo
2006  Naskapi Pronouns 37:209-227.
Jerome, Edward A.
Ruth Swan & Edward A. Jerome
1998  The Collin Family at Thunder Bay: A Case Study of Métissage. 29:311-327.
2001  A Mother and Father of Pembina: A NWC Voyageur Meets the Granddaughter of The Buffaloe 32:527-551.
Jerome, John
Watson Williams & John Jerome
1979  Aspects of Micmac Intransitive Animate Inflection. 10:191-202.
Johansson, Sara
Sara Johansson & Elizabeth Ritter
2012 Determinants of Split Intransitivity in Blackfoot: Evidence from Verbs of Emission. 40:171-185
Johns, Alana
Alana Johns
1982  A Unified Analysis of Relative Clauses and Questions in Rainy River Ojibwa. 13:161- 168.
Johnson, Eleanor
Stephanie Inglis & Eleanor Johnson
2001  The Mi’kmaq Future: An Analysis 32:249-257.
Johnson, Laurence
Laurence Johnson
1994  La réserve malécite de Viger: Qui va à la chasse perd sa place…. 25:236-264.
Jolley, Catherine
Catherine Jolley
1983  Algonquian Person Hierarchy: Morphosyntactic or Semantic? 14:281-291.
1984  Enclitic Particles in Mesquakie. 15:303-317.
Jones, Linda M.
Linda M. Jones
1986  East Cree Baby Talk. 17:175-181.
Josée, Thivierge
Marc-Adélard Tremblay & Josée Thivierge
1986  The Nature and Scope of Jacques Rousseau’s Amerindian Works. 17:343-375.
Junker, Marie-Odile
Bill Jancewicz & Marie-Odile Junker
2012 Cree Syllabic Fonts: Development, Compatibility, and Usage in the Digital World. 40:151-170.
Marie-Odile Junker & Louise Blacksmith
1994  Reduplication in East Cree. 25:265-273.
2001  Obviation, Coreference and Relational Verb Forms in East Cree 32:258-268.
2004  Les Primitives Sémantiques Universelles en Cri de l’Est 35:163-185.
Marie-Odile Junker & Marguerite MacKenzie
2003  Demonstratives in East Cree 34:201-215.
2004  Southern East Cree Pronouns 35:187-205.
Kaczmarek, Josephine
Josephine Kaczmarek
1998  The Ojibwe Dream Dance. 29:169-181.
Kaneko, Ikuyo
Ikuyo Kaneko
2000  Velar Spirantization and Velar Phonemes in Blackfoot. 31:200-210.
Kaye, J.D.
Diane Daviault, M. Dufresne, S. Girouard, J.D. Kaye, & P.
1978  L’Algonquin du Nord. 9:55-60.
Kilroe, Patricia
Patricia Kilroe
1991  Spatial-Marking Affixes and the Expression of Time in Ojibwa. 22:193-202.
Kinew, Kathy Averey
Kathy Averey Kinew
1995  Manito Gitigaan: Governance in the Great Spirit’s Garden; Wild Rice in Treaty #3 from Pre-Treaty to the 1990s. 26:183-194.
Klokeid, Terry
Terry Klokeid & Solomon Ratt
1989  Using Computer Adventures to Teach Cree. 20:161-178.
Klokeid, Terry J.
Margaret R. Cote, Solomon Ratt & Terry J. Klokeid
1987  Conditional Sentences in Cree and Saulteaux. 18:49-57.
Koenig, Edwin
Edwin Koenig
1997  Fisheries conflics on the Saugeen/Bruce Peninsula: toward an historical ecology. 28:200-209.
2001  Rethinking a “Native Fishery’‘ 32:269-277.
Koerner, Konrad
Konrad Koerner
1989  Towards a History of Americanist Linguistics. 20:179-192.
Krieger, Carlo J.
Carlo J. Krieger
1988  Native Penobscot and European Missionary Time Concepts. 19:103-110.
1989  Ethnogenesis or Cultural Interference? Catholic Missionaries and the Micmac. 20:193-200.
Kuhlberg, Mark
Mark Kuhlberg
2004  Disturbing Synergy Between Inspector and Inspected: The Gull Bay Case, 1916- 1932 35:207-238.