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Volume 42

The 42nd Algonquian Conference was held at Memorial University of Newfoundland in October 2010. This fully refereed volume was edited by J. Randolph Valentine and Monica Macaulay.

This volume is now available from SUNY Press. Click here to purchase PAC 42.


J. Randolph Valentine and Monica Macaulay


Lynn Barwin and Marjory Shawande

Art Voice as a Culturally Relevant Method to Engage First Nations’ Youth in Health Research

Heather Bliss, Elizabeth Ritter and Martina Wiltschko

A Comparative Analysis of Theme Marking in Blackfoot and Nishnaabemwin

Julie Brittain

Root Semantics as a Determinant of Syntactic Representation: Evidence from Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi

Amy Dahlstrom

Multiple Oblique Arguments in Meskwaki

Rose-Marie Déschaine and Martina Wiltschko

Micro-variation in Agreement, Clause-typing and Finiteness: Comparative Evidence from Blackfoot and Plains Cree

Lynn Drapeau and Magali Lachapelle

European Folktales in Betsiamites Innu

Carrie Dyck, Alethea Power and Kevin Terry

Syncope in East Cree: Phonological or Phonetic?

Ives Goddard

Reduplication in the Delaware Languages

Meredith Johnson, Monica Macaulay and Bryan Rosen

And, and, and and and: Coordination in Menominee

Will Oxford

A Survey of Locative Expressions in Innu-aimun

Richard J. Preston

Cree Community, Identity, and Spirituality: Further Reflections on a Century of Transformations

Elizabeth Ritter and Sarah Thomas Rosen

Possessors as External Arguments:  Evidence from Blackfoot

Olivia N. Sammons

Algonquian Languages in Oklahoma

Siobhan Senier

Rethinking Recognition: The Aroostook Indian and Mikhu Paul’s Rewritings of Land and Community

Jennifer Thorburn

Acquiring Northern East Cree: A Case Study

Carolina Tytelman

Natural Resources and Cultural Understandings: The Co-management of Forest District 19A, Labrador/Nitassinan