The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Nelson, Richard E.
Richard E. Nelson
1983  Inscribed Birch Bark Scrolls and Other Objects of the Midewiwin. 14:219-235.
1984  Midewiwin Medicine Bags of the Ojibwa. 15:397-408.
1987  Fond du Lac Treaty Portraits: 1826. 18:239-246.
Newell, Heather
Heather Newell & Glyne Piggott
2006  The Morphological Control of Phonology within Ojibwe Lexical Categories 37:269-
Ng, Eve
Eve Ng
2000  Adnominal Demonstrative Words in Passamaquoddy. 31:255-271.
Nicholas, Andrea Bear
Andrea Bear Nicholas
1986  Maliseet Aboriginal Rights and Mascarene’s Treaty, Not Dummer’s Treaty. 17:215- 229.
Noori, Margaret
2012 Weweni Nd’nisidotami Ezhi-Anishinaabebiigeyaang—Carefully We Understand How We Write Anishinaabemowin. 40:346-357.
Norcross, Amoena B.
Amoena B. Norcross
1996  A classification of color verbs in Shawnee. 27:224-237.
Noreau-Hébert, Micheline
Lynn Drapeau, Alan Ford, & Micheline Noreau-Hébert
1975  Sur la dialectologie phonologique du montagnais. 6:344-361.
Oberholtzer, Cath
Cath Oberholtzer
1989  If Bears Could Talk. 20:267-278.
1990  Pipe Dreams: Pipe Cleaners and Dream Motifs. 21:279-294.
1991  Beaded Hoods of the James Bay Cree: Origins and Developments. 22:264-278.
1992  One Man’s Perspective: Sam Waller’s Years at Moose Factory. 23:310-321.
1993  Net Baby Charms: Metaphors of Protection and Provision. 24:318-331.
1994  Cree Leggings as a Form of Communication. 25:347-372.
1997  A womb with a view: Cree moss bags and cradleboards. 28:258-273.
1998  All Dolled Up: The Encapsulated Past of Cree Dolls. 29:225-242.
2000  Silk Ribbonwork: Unravelling the Connections. 31:272-289.
2001  Are Diamonds a Cree Girl’s Best Friend? Preliminary Musings 32:343-358.
2003  The Dorothy Grant Collections: Granting an insight into Cree material culture 34:261-285.
2004  Just Hanging Around: James Bay Cree Bags 35:337-361.
2005  Material Culture of the Mistassini Cree: Local Expression or Regional Style? 36:287- 321.
2006  The Legacy of Regina Flannery: Providing Ethnographic Context for Cree Material Culture 37:417-438.
Cath Oberholtzer & Nicholas N. Smith
1995  I’m the Last One Who Does Do It: Birch Bark Biting, an Almost Lost Art. 26:306-321.
Ogg, Arden C.
Arden C. Ogg
1989  Ojibwa Tales of the Foolish Maidens. 20:279-291.
Ohmagari, Kayo
Kayo Ohmagari
1995  Culturally Sustainable Development and James Bay Cree Women. 26:322-334.
O’Meara, John
John O’Meara
1992  Intransitive Verbs with Secondary Objects in Munsee Delaware. 23:322-333.
1995  Productivity and Levels of Derivation in Munsee Delaware Word Formation. 26:335- 349.