The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Tanner, Adrian
Adrian Tanner
1975  The Hidden Feast: Eating and Ideology Among the Mistassini Cree. 6:291-313.
1978  Game Shortage and the Inland Fur Trade in Northern Québec, 1915 to 1940. 9:146- 159.
1984  Notes on the Ceremonial Hide. 15:91-105.
Tassé, Louise
Louise Tassé
1994  Prises et protégés: Liens de parenté etliens communautaires à Kitigan Zibi. 25:469- 481.
Taylor, J. Garth
J. Garth Taylor
1978  Did the First Eskimos Speak Algonquian? 9:96-103.
Teeter, Karl V.
Karl V. Teeter
1995  Wiyot Obsolescence. 26:457-461.
Karl V. Teeter & Philip LeSourd
1983  Vowel Length in Malecite. 14:245-248.
Telford, Rhonda
Rhonda Telford
1997  The nefarious and far-ranging interests of Indian agent and surveyor John William Keating, 1837 to 1869. 28:372-402.
1998  How the West Was Won: Land Transactions Between the Anishinabe, the Huron and the Crown in Southwestern Ontario. 29:328-351.
2000  Anishinabe Interest in Islands, Fish and Water 31:402-419.
2001  The Central Ontario Anishinabe and the Rebellion, 1830-40 32:552-570.
Thames, Mary Ellen
Kathleen R. Gibson, Mary Ellen Thames & Kathryn T. Molohon
1991  Mating Patterns and Genetic Structure of Two Native North American Communities in Northern Ontario. 22:145-156.
Mary Ellen Thames, Kathleeen R. Gibson & Kathryn T. Molohon
1992  Creating a Population and Genealogical Research Database. 23:366-384.
Thiele, Christina A.
Christina A. Thiele
1985  Cumulative Index of the Papers of the Algonquian Conferences, 1975-1985. 16:211- 231.
1989  Cumulative Index: Papers of the Algonquian Conferences, 7th to 20th. 20:343-363.
Thomason, Lucy
Lucy Thomason
1995  The Assignment of Proximate and Obviative in Informal Fox Narrative. 26:462-496.
2004  Two, Three and Four Noun Phrases per Clause in Meskwaki 35:407-430.
2005  Meskwaki Prenouns 36:425-448.
Thomson, Jane Sproull
Jane Sproull Thomson
1990  The Traces Experience: A Museum Ethnology Project. 21:345-355.
Thorburn, Jennifer
Jennifer Thorburn
2006  Self-perceptions, Generational Differences, Prestige and Language Loss in the Innu Community of Sheshatshiu 37:333-347.
Thurman, Melburn D.
Melburn D. Thurman
1977  Tribes of the Delaware Indians. 8:244-247.
Tisdale, M.A.
M.A. Tisdale
1987  Late Woodland Settlement Dynamics in the Central Boreal Forest: Clues from Pottery Technology. 18:363-375.
Tremblay, Marc-Adélard
Marc-Adélard Tremblay & Josée Thivierge
1986  The Nature and Scope of Jacques Rousseau’s Amerindian Works. 17:343-375.
Trudel, François
François Grudel
1991  Les relations entre les Français et les Indiens au Québec-Labrador méridional. 22:359-373.
François Trudel
1990  Les rélations entre Indiens et Inuit dans l’est de la Baie d’Hudson (1800-1840). 21:356-369.
Turcheneske, John A., Jr.
John A. Turcheneske, Jr.
1985  Indian Policy and the Brotherton Indians. 16:201-209.
1993  Wisconsin’s Attempt to Reach a Treaty Rights Settlement with its Chippewa Indians. 24:381-401.
1995  Laura Kellogg’s Six Nations Land Claim Scheme and the Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians of Wisconsin. 26:497-524.