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Volume 26

The 26th Algonquian Conference was held at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in October 1994. Thirty of the papers presented at the conference are included in the Papers of the Twenty-sixth Algonquian Conference, edited by David H. Pentland.

Pp. xi, 435, Illus., mapts 9×6″ (paperback). ISSN 0031-5671; v.28.


George F. Aubin

The French-Algonquian Dictionary Fragment in ASSM Manuscrit 14 (Anonume VI): A First Look

Elaine Ayoungman-Clifton

Humour in the Siksika (Blackfoot) Language

Janet Elizabeth Chute

Pursuing the Great Spirit’s Power: Ojibwa Ways of Revitalizing the Failing World System

Amy Dahlstrom

Motivation vs Predictability in Algonquian Gender

Regna Darnell, Tracy Vanek and Paul Hogan

Reframing the Representation of “The Canadian Indian” in the Ontario Academic Credit Curriculum

George Fulford

A Structural Analysis of Cree Children’s Drawings, III

Frederick W. Gleach

Mimesis, Play, and Transformation in Powahatan Ritual

Ives Goddard

Notes on Fox (Mesquakie) Inflection: Minor modes and Incompletely Described Morphemes

Freida Hjartarson

Traditional Algonquin Education

Tim E. Holzkamm, Leo G. Waisberg and Joan A Lovisek

“Stout Athletic Fellows”: The Ojibway During the “Big-Game Collapse” in Northwestern Ontario 1821-71

Kathi Avery Kinew

Manito Gitigaan: Governance in the Great Spirit’s Garden; Wild Rive in Treaty #3 from Pre-Treaty to the 1990s

Anna Leighton

Traditional Hide Tanning Techniques of the Saskatchewan Woods Cree

John S. Longon

In Search of Mr. Bundin: Henley House 1759 Revisited

Joan A. Lovisek, Leo G. Waisberg and Tim E. Holzkamm

“Deprived of Part of Their Living”: Colonialism and Nineteenth-Century Flooding of Ojibwa Lands

Lawrence T. Martin

Animal Forms of Manidog in the Anisnabe Earth-Diver Story

Jill F. Kealey McRae

The Fannie Hardy Eckstorm Collection of Penobscot Mythology: An Ethnopoetic Analysis

Toby Morantz

Provinicial Game Laws at the Turn of the Century: Protective or Punitive Measures for the Native Peoples of Quebec?

Alvin H. Morrison

Anglo-Wabanaki Relations 1605-1630

Cath Oberholtzer and Nicholas N. Smith

I’m the Last One Who Does Do It: Birch Bark Biting, an Almost Lost Art

Kayo Ohmagari

Culturally Sustainable Development and James Bay Cree Women

John O’Meara

Productivity and Levels of Derivation in Munsee Delaware Word Formation

Carolyn Podruchny

“I Have Embraced the White Man’s Religion”: The Relations between the Peguis Band and the Church Missionary Society, 1820-1838

Richard J. Preston, Fikret Berkes and Peter J. George

Perspectives on Sustainable Development in the Moose River Basin

Charlotte Reinholtz

Discontinuous Constituents in Swampy Cree

Kersin Müller Reinschmidt

Language Preservation with the Help of Written Language: The Sauk Language of the Sac and Fox of Oklahoma

Michael Reinschmidt

Historical and Contemporary Aspects of the Algonquian Drum Dance

Karl V. Teeter

Wiyot Obsolescence

Lucy Thomason

The Assignment of Proximate and Obviative in Informal Fox Narrative

John A. Turcheneske, Jr.

Laura Kellogg’s Six Nations Land Claim Scheme and the Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians of Wisconsin