The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Garte, Edna J.
1985  Living Tradition in Ojibwa Beadwork and Quillwork. 16:9-24.
Gélinas, Claude
2001  Profil démographique des Atikamekw de la Haute-Mauricie, 1870-1940 32:128-163.
Genee, Inge
2003  An Indo-Europeanist on the Prairies: C.C. Uhlenbeck’s Work on Algonquian and Indo-European 34:147-163.
Geniusz, Wendy
2005  Keewaydinoquay: Anishinaabe-mashkikiikwe and Ethnobotanist 36:187-206.
Geniusz, Wendy Makoons
2012 Gookoo’oog: Owls and Their Role in Anishinaabe Culture. 40:241-266.
George, Peter J.
[Richard J. Preston, Fikret Berkes & Peter J. George]
1995  Perspectives on Sustainable Development in the Moose River Basin. 26:379-393.
Ghere, David L.
David L. Ghere
1993  The Maine Experience During The French and Indian War. 24:188-198.
1998  Subsistence or Strategy? Cattle Killing and Eastern Abenaki Migration, 1725 to 1760. 29:112-127.
David L. Ghere & Alvin H. Morrison
1996  Sanctions for slaughter: peacetime violence on the Maine frontier, 1749-1772 27:105-116.
Gibson, Kathleen R.
Kathleen R. Gibson, Mary Ellen Thames & Kathryn T. Molohon
1991  Mating Patterns and Genetic Structure of Two Native North American Communities in Northern Ontario. 22:145-156.
Mary Ellen Thames, Kathleeen R. Gibson & Kathryn T. Molohon
1992  Creating a Population and Genealogical Research Database. 23:366-384.
Gidmark, David
David Gidmark
1985  Algonquin Birchbark Canoe Construction. 16:25-46.
1988  The Birchbark Canoe Makers of Lac Barrière. 19:75-79.
Giffin W., William W.
William W. Giffin
2000  Destruction of Delaware and Miami Towns in the Aftermath of the Battle of Tippecanoe: The Impact of Perspective on History. 31:68-76.
Girourard, S.
Diane Daviault, M. Dufresne, S. Girouard, J.D. Kaye, & P.
1978  L’Algonquin du Nord. 9:55-60.
Gleach, Frederic W.
Frederic W. Gleach
1992  A Traditional Story of the Powhatan Indians Recorded in the Early 19th Century. 23:234-243.
1993  The Powhatan Indians and Algonquian Aesthetic of War: A Work in Progress. 24:199-211.
1994  Pocahontas and Captain John Smith Revisited. 25:167-186.
1995  Mimesis, Play, and Transformation in Powahatan Ritual. 26:114-123.
Goddard, Ives
Ives Goddard
1975  Fox Social Organization 1650-1850. 6:128-140.
1978  The Sutaio Dialect of Cheyenne: A Discussion of the Evidence. 9:68-80.
1980  Eastern Algonquian as a Genetic Subgrouping. 11:143-158.
1981  Massachusett Phonology: A Preliminary Look. 12:57-105.
1984  The Obviative in Fox Narrative Discourse. 15:273-286.
1985  Reflections of Historical Events in Some Traditional Fox and Miami Narratives. 16:47- 62.
1990  Some Literary Devices in the Writings of Alfred Kiyana. 21:159-171.  
1991  Observations Regarding Fox (Mesquakie) Phonology. 22:157-181.
1992  Fox (Mesquakie) Kinship Terminology. 23:244-262.
1993  Songs in Fox (Mesquakie): Linguistics and Philology. 24:212-239.
1994  The West-to-East Cline in Algonquian Dialectology. 25:187-211.
1995  Notes on Fox (Mesquakie) Inflection: Minor modes and Incompletely Described Morphemes. 26:124-150.
1996  Writing and reading Mesquakie (Fox). 27:117-134.
2000  The Historical Origins of Cheyenne Inflections. 31:77-129.
2001  Contraction in Fox (Meskwaki) 32:164-230
2002  Grammatical gender in Algonquian 33:195-231.
2003  Heckewelder’s 1792 Vocabulary from Ohio: A Possible Attestation of Mascouten 34:165-191.
2004  Meskwaki Verbal Affixes. 35:97-123 35:97-123.
2005  Modal Attraction and Other Cases of functional Overlap in Meskwaki Modes 36:207- 221.
2006  The Proto-Algonquian Negative and its descendants 37:161-208.
2006  Reconstruction and History of the Independent Indicative 38:207-271.
Goetz, Thomas H.
Alvin H. Morrison & Thomas H. Goetz
1975  Membertou’s Raid on the Chouacoet “Almouchiquois” – The Micmac Sack of Saco in 1607; English Translation of Marc Lescarbot. 6:141-179.
Gradie, Robert R., III
Robert R. Gradie III
1984  New England Indians and Colonizing Pigs. 15:147-169.
Grafstein, Ann
Ann Grafstein
1980  Some Properties of Ojibwa Verb Stem Formation: A Lexical Analysis. 11:83-95.
Graham, Janice E.
Janice E. Graham
1987  After the Flood: Relocation to the Promised Land. 18:137-145.
1988  Knowing the Cycle: Cognitive Control and Cree Death. 19:81-88.
Grant, Valerie
Valerie Grant
1983  The Crane and Sucker Indians of Sandy Lake, 1870-1970: A Research Report. 14:75-90.
1991  Users’ Guide to the Round Lake Study Database with Special Attention to Sandy Lake. 22:182-192.
Granzberg, Gary
Gary Granzberg
1976  A Comparison of Children’s Values: Traditional Cree, Acculturated Cree, Euro- Canadian. 7:312-338.
Greensmith, Jennifer M.
Jennifer M. Greensmith
1985  Future Markers in Woods Cree. 16:63-72.
Grumet, Robert Steven
Robert Steven Grumet
1978  An Analysis of Upper Delawaren Land Sales in Northern New Jersey, 1630-1758. 9:25-35.
Guerrier, Elizabeth A.M.
Elizabeth A.M. Guerrier  
2000  Ethnographic Inventions: The Construction and Commodification of the Shaman through Anthropological Discourse. 31:130-143.
2001  From “Bare Subsistence’‘ to “Moderate Livelihood’‘: Limitations on Mi’kmaq Rights to Resources in R. v. Marshall 32:231-248.