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Volume 30

The 30th Algonquian Conference was held at Harvard University in Burlington, MA, on 25-28 October 2001. It was organized by Karl V. Teeter, Professor Emeritus of Harvard University. Twenty-seven of the papers presented at the conference are included in the Papers of the Thirtieth Algonquian Conference, edited by David H. Pentland, published by the University of Manitoba.

[1999] Pp. x, 430. ISSN 0031-5671; v. 30 $48.00.


George F. Aubin

Golden Lake Algonquin: A Look at Some Interesting Data

Eleanor M. Blain

Nêhiyawêwin Nominal Clauses

Phil Branigan and Marguerite MacKenzie

A Double-Object Constraint in Innu-aimun

Julie Brittain

A Reanalysis of Transitive Animate Theme Signs as Object Agreement: Evidence from Western Naskapi

Regna Darnell

Narrative Authority in the Storytelling of Native American Grandmothers

Matthew S. Dryer

A Comparison of Preverbs in Kutenai and Algonquian

James L. Fidelholtz

Mi’kmaq Transitive Stems and Suppletion: The Division of Transitive Verbs into Transitive Animate and Transitive Inanimate

David L. Ghere and Alvin H. Morrison

Venoms for Vengeance: The History, Novels, and Movies Surrounding Three Interrelated “Massacres” in the Northeast, 1755–59

Holly Gustafson

A Language on the Border: Identifying Nipmuck

Joan M. Holmes

Hidden Communities: Difficulties Encountered in Researching Non-Status Algonquin in the Ottawa Valley

Victor Lytwyn

“God was Angry with Their Country”: The Smallpox Epidemic of 1782–83 among the Hudson Bay Lowland Cree

Pauleena MacDougall

“I am glad to hear that you liked my little paper”: Letters Exchanged between Frank T. Siebert and Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, 1938–45

Teresa Melnychuk

An Acoustic Examination of /s/ and /S/ in Cree Diminutive Sound Symbolism

Evelyn Ng

Some Data from the Intonational Segmentation of Four Passamaquoddy Texts

Cath Oberholtzer

Cree taapiskaakan: Community Ties

David H. Pentland

The Morphology of the Algonquian Independent Order

Michael M. Pomedli

Treaties: Rights or Relationships?

Richard J. Preston

Packing it in: Summarizing and Archiving an Algonquianist’s Ethnographic Career

Conor Quinn

Some Unresolved Issues in the Penobscot Materials of Frank T. Siebert, Jr.

Blair A. Rudes

Holding Ground along the Housatonic: Paugussett Land Loss and Population Decline from 1639 to 1899

Nicholas N. Smith

Father Aubery’s Liturgical Linguistics: An Ethnohistorical View

Ann Morrison Spinney

Dance Songs and Questions of Intercultural Influence in Wabanaki Ceremonial Life

Rodney Staab

Settlements of the Missouri Shawnee, 1793–1825

Rhonda Telford

The Anishinabe Presentation of their Fishing Rights to the Duke of Newcastle and the Prince of Wales

Lisa Philips Valentine and Allen McDougall

Unveiling the Hegemon: Liberal Democratic Imag(in)ing of Stoney Point (Ipperwash)

Willard Walker

The Role of Passamaquoddy Children’s Narratives in Cultural Transmission, Boredom Control, and the Maintenance of Ethnic Identity

H. Whalen, Bryan Gick and Philip S. LeSourd

Intrinsic F0 in Passamaquoddy Vowels