The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Lal, Ravi
Ravi Lal
1990  Watershed Year 1878: New Policy in Indian Affairs. 21:172-180.
Lawrence, C. Bruce
C. Bruce Lawrence & Marcia George Simon
1996  Comparing stories: the London Free Press vs. Stoney Point First Nation. 27:152-
Leavitt, Robert M.
David A. Francis & Robert M. Leavitt
1994  More Lexical Exploration: Passamaquoddy Synonyms. 25:274-284.
Robert M. Leavitt
1979  Language and the Community: The Passamaquoddy Bilingual Program. 10:60-65.
1983  Storytelling as Language Curriculum. 14:27-33.
1985  Passamaquoddy-Malicite Preverbs. 16:73-90.
1987  Fluency is not Enough: Reassessing the Goals of Native Language Instruction. 18:165-172.
1989  Passwords: Writing Native Studies Curriculum. 20:201-207.
1992  Lexical Exploration and Educational Insight. 23:263-273.
Robert M. Leavitt & David A. Francis
1984  Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Parts of Speech. 15:319-327.
Lees, Jim
Alan Ford & Jim Lees
1979  Cree Relative Clauses. 10:126-135.
Legault, P.
Diane Daviault, M. Dufresne, S. Girouard, J.D. Kaye, & P.
1978  L’Algonquin du Nord. 9:55-60.
Leighton, Anna
Anna Leighton
1993  Botanical Aspects of Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi Plant Names Found in Written Sources. 24:253-281.
1995  Traditional Hide Tanning Techniques of the Saskatchewan Woods Cree. 26:195-
Leman, Wayne
Wayne Leman
1980  Some Cheyenne Consonant Alternations: Synchronic and Dia chronic Views. 11:262-273.
1984  Cheyenne Deixis and Sound Symbolism. 15:329-343.
1987  Cheyenne Obviation Pitch Alternations. 18:173-186.
Wayne Leman & Richard Rhodes
1978  Cheyenne Vowel Devoicing. 9:3-24.
Leonard, Wesley Y.
Wesley Y. Leonard & Scott M. Shoemaker
2012 “I Heart this Camp”: Participant Perspectives within the Story of Miami Youth Camps. 40:186-209.
LeSourd, Phil
Phil LeSourd
2004  The Internal Structure of the Noun Phrase in Maliseet-Passamaquoddy 35:239-263.
LeSourd, Philip
Karl V. Teeter & Philip LeSourd
1983  Vowel Length in Malecite. 14:245-248.
Lévesque, Carole
Carole Lévesque
1977  Production et artisanat dans la communauté indienne de Fort-George. 8:32-35.
Levi, Peter, Jr.
Peter Levi, Jr. & Mildred Milliea
1978  An Overview of Recent Micmac Language Research and Development. 9:211-213.
Levine, Ben
Ben Levine & Robert M. Leavitt
2012 Language Keepers: A Documentary Film Process for Stimulating Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Language Documentation and Revival. 40:210-222.
Lin, Vivian
Vivian Lin
2005  Competing Approaches to Weak Crossover in Algonquian Languages 36:223-236.
Lindsay, Ann
2012 Tapastanum: “A Noted Conjurer for Many Years, Who Long Resisted the Teachings of Christianity. 40:223-240.
Lister, Kenneth R.
Kenneth R. Lister
1980  Three Kinds of Indian Land Deeds at Nantucket, Massachusetts. 11:61-70.
1993  “A Most Abundant Weir”: Fish Trap-Weirs, Adaptive Strategies, and the Hudson Bay Lowland. 24:262-279.
Little, Elizabeth A.
Elizabeth A. Little
1982  Indian Politics on Nantucket. 13:285-297.
1984  Indian Place Names on Nantucket Island. 15:345-362.
1988  Nantucket Whaling in the Early 18th Century. 19:111-131.
1990  The Nantucket Indian Sickness. 21:181-196.
Lochbihler, Bethany
Bethany Lochbihler & Éric Mathieu
2012 Héritage des Traits Morphologiques phi et delta en Ojibwe 40:267-287
Loftfield, Thomas C.
Loftfield, Thomas C.
1976  The Adaptive Role of Warfare among the Southern Algonquians. 7:289-296.
Thomas C. Loftfield
1975  Archaeological and Ethno-historical Data Bearing on the Southern Boundary of Algonkian Indian Occupation. 6:100-111.
Long, John S.
John S. Long
1985  Rev. Edwin Watkins: Missionary to the Cree: 1852-1857. 16:91-117.
1986  The Politics of Education in Moose Factory, Ontario. 17:183-207.
1990  Schooling at Kashechewan: Then and Now. 21:197-215.
1995  In Search of Mr. Bundin: Henley House 1759 Revisited. 26:203-225.
2000  Local Control of First Nations Education: The Event and the Process. 31:211-223.
2004  Finding and Keeping Teachers in First Nation Schools in Northwestern Ontario 35:265-279.
2005  An Idea Ahead of its Time: Vernacular-Language Education for Northern Ontario 36:237-253.
John S. Long, Richard J. Preston & Cath Oberholtzer
2006  Manitu Concepts of the Eastern James Bay Cree 37:451-492.
Richard J. Preston & John S. Long
1998  Apportioning Responsibility for Cumulative Changes: a Cree Community in Northeastern Ontario. 29:264-275.
2012 The 1859 New Year’s Day Flight: Race, Place, Marriage, Gender, and Status in Western James Bay. 40:288-309.
Lovisek, Joan A.
J.A. Lovisek
1993  The Political Evolution of the Boundary Waters Ojibwa. 24:280-305.
1994  Lac des mille lacs “Dammed and Diverted”: An Ethnohistorical Study. 25:285-314.
Joan A. Lovisek, Leo G. Waisberg & Tim E. Holzkamm
1995  “Deprived of Part of Their Living”: Colonialism and Ninetheenth-Century Flooding of Ojibwa Lands. 26:226-239.
Joan A. Lovisek, Tim E. Holzkamm & Leo G. Waisberg
1996  “Cultural Leprosy”: The “Aboriginal Ethnology” of Ruth Landes. 27:164-179.
Joan Lovisek
2001  The Ojibway vs. the Gerrymander: The Evolution of the Robinson Huron and Williams Treaties Boundaries 32:278-303.
Leo G. Waisberg, Joan A. Lovisek & Tim E. Holzkamm
1996  Ojibwa reservations as “an incubus upon the territory’‘: the Indian removal policy of Ontario 1874-1982. 27:337-352.
Tim E. Holzkamm, Leo G. Waisberg & Joan A. Lovisek
1995  “Stout Athletic Fellows’‘: The Ojibwa During the ‘’Big-Game Collapse’‘ in Northwestern Ontario 1821-71. 26:169-182.
Luka, Barbara
Barbara Luka
1996  PC-Kimmo for Fox: a computational tool for the morphological parsing of Fox texts. 27:180-194.
Lytwyn, Victor P.
Victor Lytwyn
2001  Torchlight Prey: Night Hunting and Fishing by Aboriginal People in the Great Lakes Region 32:304-317.
Victor P. Lytwyn
1997  A dish with one spoon: the shared hunting grounds agreement in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence valley region. 28:210-227.
2005  Inland Sea Navigators: Algonquian mastery of the Great Lakes 35:255-269.