Volume 50

The 50th Algonquian Conference was held at the North Campus of the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, 25–28 October 2018. It was organized by Antti Arppe (University of Alberta), Inge Genee (University of Lethbridge, Alberta), and Arok Wolvengrey (First Nations University of Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan), as well as the Maskwacîs Education Schools Commission (MESC, Maskwacîs, Alberta). This fully refereed volume was edited by Monica Macaulay and Margaret Noodin.

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Monica Macaulay, Margaret Noodin


Richard Preston

50th Algonquian Conference Retrospective

Mary Ann Naokwegijig-Corbiere

Algonquian Studies: Where We Came from and Where We Are Going

Irene Appelbaum

The Importance of Being Not-Obviative

Amy Dianne Bergseth

The Benign Neglect of Language Materials by Historians: A Northeastern Oklahoma Case Study

Amy Dahlstrom

A Meskwaki Construction in Narrative Texts: Independent Pronoun + Full NP

Rose-Marie Déchaine and Monique Dufresne

The Syntax of (ir)realis in Innu

Yvonne Denny, Arlene Stevens, Elizabeth Paul, Barbara Sylliboy, and Dianne Friesen

A Ditransitive Analysis of Possessor Raising in Mi’kmaw: Distinct Licensing for Possessor and Possessum

Lex Giesbrecht and Jordan Lachler

Nominalization Strategies in Plains Cree: An Analysis of the -win Suffix

Ryan E. Henke

The Acquisition of Obviation in Northern East Cree: Evidence from Possessive Constructions

Sarah Hofffman and Will Oxford

Derivational Functions of Theme Signs in Oji-Cree

Leila Inksetter

Gatherings: The Transformation of Algonquin Settlement Patterns in the 19th Century

Bill Jancewicz

The Bible in “Plain” Cree: A Look at the Language of the 1862 Translation

H. C. Wolfart

Denominative and Quantitative Verbs of Possession in Plains Cree