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Volume 28

The 28th Algonquian Conference was held at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, in October 1996. Twenty-seven of the papers presented at the conference are included in the Papers of the 28th Algonquian Conference, edited by David H. Pentland, published by the University of Manitoba.

Pp. xi, 435, Illus., maps 9×6″ (paperback). ISSN 0031-5671; v.28.


George F. Aubin

The Principles Algonquins of ASSM manucrit 104 (1661)

Sylvie Berbaum

Activité onirique et forme musicale dans la culture ojibwa

Julie Brittain

A Metrical Analysis of Primary Stress Placement in Southern East Cree

Laura Buszard-Welcher

Language Use and Language Loss in the Potawatomi Community: A Report on the Potawatomi Language Institute

Janet E. Chute

Preservation of Ethnic Diversity at Garden River: A Key to Ojibwa Strength

Mary Ann Corbiere

Gaawii wi kidwin miiksesnoo: Semantic Rules for the Selection of some Ojibwe Adverbs

Alex Cywink

Bridging the Gap: Anishnaabe Storytelling as an Educational Method

Regna Darnell

Framing First-Person Narratives in Algonquian Public Discourse

Rose-Marie Déchaine

Nominal Predicaation in Plains Cree

Chris Duplisea

Cross-modal Synesthetic Sensory Metaphors: Communicating the Experience and Understanding of Power in a Maliseet Sweat Lodge Ceremony

George Fulford

What Cree Children’s Drawings reveal about Words and Imagery in the Cree Language

Bill Jancewicz

Nominalizations in the Naskapi: Production and Inflection

Edwin Koenig

Fisheries Conlifcts on the Saugeen/Bruce Penninsula Toward a Historical Ecology

Victor P. Lytwyn

A Dish With One Spoon: The Shared Hunting Grounds Agreement in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Valley Region

David T. McNab

“The Ill-considered Objections of a few Backward Indians”: Hydro-electricity on the Bkejwanong Reserve

Susanne E. Miskimmin

Talking about C-31S: Algonquian Discrouse Concerning an Amendment to the Indian Act

Cath Oberholtzer

A Womb with a View: Cree Moss Bags and Cradleboards

Richard J. Preston

Getting to Know the Great Community of Persons

Harold L. Prins

“We Fight with Dignity”: The Miawpukek Mi’kmaq Quest for Aboriginal Rights in Newfoundland

Craig Proulx

Aboriginal Peoplles and the Courts: Legal Discourse and Practice

Trudy Sable

Multiple Layers of Meaning in the Mi’kmaw Serpent Dance

Theresa M. Schenck

“The Algonquian Totem and Totemism: A Distortion of the Semantic Fold

Cory Silverstein

“That’s Just the Kind of Thing this Lake Does”: Anishnaabe Reflections on Knowledge, Experience, and the Power of Words

Nicholas N. Smith and Willard Walker

The Changing Role of Shamans and their Magic in the Validation and Maintenance of Wabanaki Culture

Rhonda Telford

The Nefarious and Far-Ranging Interests of Indian Agent and Surveyor John William Keating, 1837 to 1869

Lisa Philips Valentine

Constructing Friends and Foes: Uncovering a Value Heirarchy in First Nations Newspaper Coverage

Gail Winter

First Nations Postsecondary Students: Factors Influencing Progress