The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Vaillancourt, Louis-Phillippe
Louis-Phillippe Vaillancourt
1980  De la catégorie du genre en cris. 11:33-39.
1982  Relations entre langue et culture. 13:193-200.
1984  à propos d’orthographe. 15:21-29.
1991  Le cri québécois. 22:374-378.
1993  Le calcul du temps chez les Amérindiens Cris de la côte est de la Baie James. 24:402-406.
Valentine, J. Randolph
J. Randolph Valentine
1996  Phonological parameters of Ojibwe dialect variation. 27:287-323.
2001  Nenabozho and The Ojibwa Woman 32:583-610.
2005  Prescription and Proscription in Ojibwe Animal-Marriage Tales 36:449-471.
2006  Gitshee Gauzinee in the Ojibwe Afterlife 37:349-368.
Valentine, Lisa Philips
Lisa Philips Valentine
1994  Performing Native Identities. 25:482-492.  
1996  Twenty-five analytic pitfalls in Algonquian research. 27:324-336.
1997  Constructing friends and foes: uncovering a value hierarchy in First Nations newspaper coverage. 28:403-417.
1998  Changing Perspectives: Visions from James Evans’ Diaries 29:352-367.
2002  A Separation Agreement Forty Years in the Making 33:392-413. 33:392-413.
2003  The Discourse of British and US Treaties in the Old Northwest, 1790-1843 34:371-392.
Lisa Philips Valentine & Allan K. McDougall
2001  Wawanosh’s Box 32:571-582.
Allan K. McDougall & Lisa Philips Valentine
2001  Law versus Law and Order: Challenges to the Implementation of Treaty Rights 32:332-342.
2003  Treaty 29: Why Moore Became Less 34:241-259.
Van Eijk, Jan
Jan Van Eijk
2007  Salish and Algonquian: A Possible Relationship Revisited 38:403-416.
Van Kirk, Sylvia
Sylvia Van Kirk
1987  Toward a Feminist Perspective in Native History 18:377-389.
Vanek, Tracy
Regna Darnell, Tracy Vanek & Paul Hogan
1995  Reframing the Representation of the “The Canadian Indian’‘ in the Ontario Academic Credit Curriculum 26:67-84.
Vastokas, Joan M.
Joan M. Vastokas
1984  Interpreting Birch Bark Scrolls 15:425-444.
Vecsey, Christopher
Christopher Vecsey
1984  Midewiwin Myths of Origin 15:445-467.
Vincent, Sylvie
Sylvie Vincent
1977  Structures comparées du rite et des mythes de la tente tremblante 8:90-100.
1978  Tradition orale et action politique montagnaises: le cas de la Rivière Natashquan 9:138-145.
Voorhis, Paul
Paul Voorhis
1982  The Kickapoo Sound System and Kickapoo Standard Orthography 13:81-89.