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Volume 39

The 39th Algonquian Conference was held at York University in Toronto, Ontario in October 2007. Of the 76 papers presented at the conference, 24 are included in the Papers of the 39th Algonquian Conference. This fully refereed volume was edited by Karl S. Hele and Regna Darnell.

University of Western Ontario, 2008. Pp. 651, $48.00


Karl S. Hele


Regna Darnell

In Memoriam: Blair A. Rudes (1951-2008)

Richard J. Preston

A Watershed for Our Proceedings: Thanking Arden Ogg, Managing editor, and Chris Wolfart, Academic editor

Solveiga Armoskaite

Blackfoot Stem Initial Eventive Predicates: Shape Shifting Perfectives

Peter Bakker

Response to Jan van Eijk: More Arguments for an Algonquian-Salish Connection

Marie-Pierre Bousquet

A Question of Emotions and a Matter of Respect: Interpreting Conversion to Catholicism Among Quebec Algonquins

Jennifer S. H. Brown

Growing up Algonquian: A Missionary’s Son in Cree-Ojibwe Country, 1869-1876

Cecil Chabot

Coping with Starvation and Deprivation in Moose Factory, 1882-1902: Cree-HBC Interdependence as Revealed in the Moose Factory HBC Records

David J. Costa

New Notes on Miami-Illinois

Brendan Fairbanks

All about Mii

Rick Fehr

From Industrialization to Animism on Bkejwanong Territory: The Letters and Poetry of William Leonhardt in the Early Twentieth Century

Ives Goddard

Notes on Mahican: Dialects, Sources, Phonemes, Enclitics, and Analogies

Karl Hele

“Fully Equal to a Mission in Herself”: Charlotte Jonston McMurray’s Missionary Labours at Bawating, 1827-1838

Sara Johansson

Sentience and Stem Agreement in Blackfoot

Marie-Odile Junker, Terry Stewart

Building Search Engines for Algonquian Languages

John S. Long

Some Early Moores of Moose Factory

Darrel Manitowabi

Sinmedwe’ek: The Other-than-human Grandfathers of North-Central Ontario

Maria Cristina Manzano-Munguia

Aboriginal Leaders as Cultural Translators

Greg Marquis

The Story of a Map: W.F. Ganong and Tribal Boundaries in New Brunswick

Mary Ann Naokwegijig-Corbiere

Flying Blind Over Strange Terrain, or Ezhi-mkoshnang Kweji-aan’kinoosjigeng: Issues in English-Nishnaabemwin Translation

Will Oxford

Towards a Grammar of Innu-Aimun Particles

Richard J. Preston

Why Two Brothers Wanted a Beaver Wife: Intimate Cree and Not-Cree Knowledge of Non-human Persons

Richard A. Rhodes

Ojibwe in the Cree of Métchif

Christianne V. Stephens

Syndemics, Structural Violence and the Politics of Health: A Critical Biocultural Approach to the Study of Disease and Tuberculosis Mortality in a Historic Parish Population at Walpole Island

J. Randolph Valentine

The Majikikwewisag in Ojibwe Oral Tradition