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Volume 37

The 37th Algonquian Conference was held at Carleton University in Gatineau Québec in October 2005 and was hosted by the First Nations Program at The University of Western Ontario. This peer-reviewed volume includes a special section of papers in tribute to Regina Flannery (1904-2004). It was edited by H.C. Wolfart and published at the University of Manitoba, with eight pages of color illustrations.

September 2006. Pp. xv, 496. ISSN 0831-5671; v. 37 $48.00.


Marie-Pierre Bousquet, University of Montréal

A Generation in Politics: The Alumni of the Saint-Marc-de-Figuery Residential School

Julie Brittain & Carrie Dyck, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Initial Change as Abstract Vowel Realization

Richard Burleson, University of Manitoba

Encountering Changing Currents in the Music of the First Nations

Philippe Charland, Contrecoeur, Québec

Aln8baïwi kdakina – Notre monde à la manière abénakise : La toponymie abénakise au Québec

Clare Cook, University of British Columbia

Prosodic Correlates of Plains Cree Clause Boundaries: Patterns from Two Speakers

Clare Cook & Jeff Mühlbauer, University of British Columbia

The Behaviour of Obviation in Elicitation

Amy Dahlstrom, University of Chicago

The Syntax of Algonquian Ethnopoetics

Regna Darnell, University of Western Ontario

Residential School Discourses and the Discourses of Self-Government: Changing Resonances of Land and Language in Algonquian Narratives

Ives Goddard, Smithsonian Institution

The Proto-Algonquian Negative and its Descendants

Bill Jancewicz & Silas Nabinicaboo, SIL & Naskapi Development Corporation

Naskapi Pronouns

Jeff Mühlbauer, University of British Columbia

Pitch as Accent in Plains Cree Nominals

Heather Newell & Glyne Piggott, McGill University

The Morphological Control of Phonology within Ojibwe Lexical

Categories Tanya Slavin, University of Toronto

Some Semantic Consequences of the Structural Position of Preverbs in Severn Ojibwe

Christianne V. Stephens, University of Western Ontario

“Speaking the Pictures in my Head”: Residential School Discourse as a Vehicle for Theorizing the Past

Jennifer Thorburn, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Self-perceptions, Generational Differences, Prestige and Language Loss in the Innu Community of Sheshatshiu

J. Randolph Valentine, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Gitshee Gauzinee in the Ojibwe Afterlife

Essays in tribute to Regina Flannery

Lucy M. Cohen, Catholic University of America

Reflections on Regina Flannery’s Career

Toby Morantz, McGill University

Regina Flannery’s James Bay Research: A Retrospective

Richard J. Preston, McMaster University

Regina Flannery’s Collection of James Bay Cree Oral Tradition

Cath Oberholtzer, Trent University

The Legacy of Regina Flannery: Providing Ethnographic Context for Cree Material Culture

Jennifer S.H. Brown, University of Winnipeg

Older Persons in Cree and Ojibwe Stories: Gender, Power, and Survival

John S. Long, Nipissing University, Richard J. Preston & Cath Oberholtzer

Manitu Concepts of the Eastern James Bay Cree

Viviana Cristian, Catholic University of America

Bibliography of Regina Flannery (Herzfeld)