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Volume 45

The 45th Algonquian Conference was held at the University of Ottawa in October 2013. This fully refereed volume was edited by Monica Macaulay, Margaret Noodin, and J. Randolph Valentine.

This volume will soon be available from MSU Press.


Monica Macaulay, Margaret Noodin, and J. Randolph Valentine


Solveiga Armoskaite and Marie-Odile Junker

East Cree Nominalizations: Negotiating Category

George F. Aubin

A Look at the Mathevet Nipissing Manuscript

Vincent Collette

Syntagmatic Phenomena in Northern East Cree Verbal Template

Amy Dahlstrom

Seeking Consensus on the Fundamentals of Algonquian Word Order

Michael David Hamilton

Multiple Instances of Agreement in Mi’gmaq Verbs

Meredith Johnson and Bryan Rosen

On Menominee Verb Stems and the Non-complexity of Verb Finals

Sarah Lundquist and Monica Macaulay

Expressions of Location and Direction in Menominee

Gerald P. McKinley

Rethinking Historical Trauma  

Sarah E. Murray

Cheyenne Connectives 

Conor McDonough Quinn

Problems and Prospects in the Penobscot Dictionary

Richard A. Rhodes

Toward a Semantic Dictionary of Algonquian

Bryan Rosen

A Look at Manner-of-motion Verbs in Ojibwe

Natalie Weber and Lisa Matthewson

The Semantics of Blackfoot Arguments