Volume 49

The 49th Algonquian Conference was held in Montreal, Quebec, 27–29 October 2017. It was organized by Marie-Pierre Bousquet and Jimena Terraza. This fully refereed volume was edited by Monica Macaulay and Margaret Noodin.

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Monica Macaulay, Margaret Noodin


Antti Arppe, Katherine Schmirler, Atticus G. Harrigan, and Arok Wolvengrey

A Morphosyntactically Tagged Corpus for Plains Cree

Peter Bakker and Robert A. Papen

Clause Combining in Michif

Vincent Collette

Referring to a Deceased Person in Plains Cree

David J. Costa

Instrumental Nouns in Miami-Illinois

Amy Dahlstrom

An Overview of Meskwaki Evidentiality

Ives Goddard

The Paradox of Partial Similarity: Unami Secondary-Object Marking and Other Clones of the N-Endings

Cherry Meyer

Numeral Classifijiers in Ojibwe

Taylor L. Miller

Revisiting Prosodic Prominence in Saulteaux Ojibwe

Mizuki Miyashita and Natalie Weber

Blackfoot Pitch Contour: An Instrumental Investigation

Toby Morantz

Chronicling the Ungava Naskapi: Lessons in Historiography

Margaret Noodin

Ezhi-enendamang Anishinaabebiigeng: Theories of Anishinaabe Rhetoric and Composition

Will Oxford

When Direct and Inverse Are Asymmetrical

Allison Sanders and Andrew Cowell

Exploring an Arapaho Classifijier: Prototypes, Markedness, and Double Lexical Selection

Julia Schulz, Robert M. Leavitt, Ben Levine, and Newell Lewey

The Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Language Portal: Who Uses It and How?

H. C. Wolfart

Names and Name Formulae in Literary Plains Cree