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Talks marked with the symbol * have ASL interpretation / Les présentations avec le symbole * ont une interprétation en langue des signes américaine

Amy Dahlstrom (University of Chicago) – Past and irrealis functions of the Meskwaki enclitic =iyôwe

Angela Mesic, Susan Wade, & Margaret Noodin (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) – The Little Prince Translated into Ojibwemowin

* Antti Arppe (University of Alberta), Eddie Antonio Santos (University of Alberta), Andrew Neitsch (University of Alberta), Jolene Poulin (University of Alberta), Atticus Harrigan (University of Alberta), Katherine Schmirler (University of Alberta), Daniel Hieber (University of Alberta), Arok Wolvengrey (First Nations University) – Towards a morphologically intelligent and user-friendly on-line dictionary of Plains Cree

Atticus G. Harrigan (University of Alberta) and Antti Arppe (University of Alberta) – Order as Alternation: the status of Order as a valid category in Nêhiyawêwin

Burak Oney (Cornell University) – Patterns of Cree preverb usage in early child language: A longitudinal case study

Corinne Kasper (University of Chicago) – L2 Potawatomi Language Use

Daniel Dacanay (University of Alberta), Antti Arppe (University of Alberta), Jolene Poulin (University of Alberta) – kêtiski-kotahâskwâtam: The Effectiveness of Various Hypernymic Levels of WordNet Synsets as Vector Semantic Classification Categories

* David Costa (Miami University) – sk and sp in Illinois

Dustin Morrow (University of Minnesota) – Consonant Elision in Southwestern Ojibwe Prefixation

* Erik D. Gooding (Minnesota State University Moorhead) and Lily Lee Gooding (Minnesota State University Moorhead) – Decolonizing Meshkwaki Patrilineality (pre-1937/post 1937): Coercion and Conflict in Regard to Meshkwaki Tribal Membership Through Time and Space

Hunter Johnson (UCLA), Chris Hammerly (UBC) – Noun Composition in Mille Lacs Ojibwe

Irene Appelbaum (University of Montana) – The Assumption of a Further Obviative [NOT RECORDED / PAS ENREGISTRÉ]

Joel Barnes (Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma), Bronwyn Bjorkman (Queen’s University), Jesse Bruchac (Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe; University of Southern Maine), Anatasha Lyons (Wolastoqey Tribal Council Inc.), Karl Meyer (Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma), Anastasia Miller-Youst (Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma), Roger Paul (University of Southern Maine), Conor Quinn (University of Southern Maine), Dean Simon (Qalipu First Nation), Heather Souter (Prairies to Woodlands Indigenous Language Revitalization Circle; University of Manitoba), Tina Tarrant (Shinnecock Indian Nation), Wunetu Tarrant (Shinnecock Indian Nation; University of Arizona), Harry Wallace (Unkechaug Nation) – The Minimal Course approach for teaching/learning Algonquian languages

Katherine Schmirler (University of Alberta) – Topicality, overt participants, and the Algonquian Person Hierarchy: A Plains Cree corpus study

Katherine Schmirler (University of Alberta), Antti Arppe (University of Alberta) – Plains Cree textual analysis with PCA: Across the Bloomfield and Ahenakew-Wolfart subcorpora

Katherine Schmirler (University of Alberta), Inge Genee (University of Lethbridge), Antti Arppe (University of Alberta) – Grammatical descriptions for computational modelling: A first look at Blackfoot morphophonological modelling

Ksenia Bogomolets (University of Auckland) – Person agreement prefixes across Algonquian: evidence for three separate paradigms

Ksenia Bogomolets (University of Auckland), Paula Fenger (Leipzig University), Adrian Stegovec (University of Connecticut) – The blocking effect of Negation on Initial Change: Rescue by affix deletion

Lucy Thomason (Smithsonian Institution) – Horrified realization: The Meskwaki enclitic phrase =wi·na=ne·hi

Matthew Windsor (SIL Americas) – Rhythm and Stress in Winisk River Oji-Cree

* Mitsuyoshi Yabe (Carleton Univesity) – Network Analysis Visualizations of the Abenakis in the Early 18th Century

Mizuki Miyashita (University of Montana) – Syllabicity of [X] in Blackfoot: An Empirical Investigation

Monica Macaulay, Rachel Fedorchak, Vade Kamenitsa-Hale, Hunter Thompson Lockwood (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Strategies for Lexical Expansion in Algonquian Languages

* Mskwaankwad Rice (University of Minnesota) – Skeletons in our closet: Reconciling Linguistics’ relationship with Indigenous peoples

Natalie Weber (Yale University) and Mizuki Miyashita (University of Montana) – On diphthongs and digraphs in Blackfoot

Natalie Weber, Evan Hochstein, Pinyu Hwang, Nico Kidd, Diana Kulmizev, and Hannah Morrison (Yale University) – Blackfoot Words: Introducing a database of Blackfoot lexical forms

Olivia Sammons (First Nations University) – Applicative constructions in Northern Michif [NOT AVAILABLE/INDISPONIBLE]

Richard A. Rhodes (University of California, Berkeley) – Short Verbs in Algonquian

Robert E. Lewis Jr. (University of Winnipeg) – Look! Directive Interjections across the Algonquian Language Family

Stephane Goyette (Université Dalhousie) – Mens algonquiana in lingua gallica: l’obviatif en français métis.

* Vincent Collette (Université de Québec à Chicoutimi) – The archaic distribution of –k ‘3sg’ in East Cree

Wendy Makoons Geniusz, Madalyn McCabe, Aidan Sanfelippo (University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire) – Language Revitalization Programs: What’s Working? What’s Not?

* Will Oxford (University of Manitoba) – The meaning of -w

Yadong Xu (University of Manitoba) – Oblique argument licensing in Algonquian: head marking vs. dependent marking

Zoe Brown(University of Minnesota) – Aaniish gagwejimaasiwad! “Wh-imperatives” in SW Ojibwemowin

Special sessions / Sessions spéciales

Algonquian Linguistic Atlas Conversation Apps launch / Lancement des applis de conversation de l’atlas linguiste des langues algonquiennes – Presented by / Présenté par Claire Owen & Delasie Torkornoo (Carleton University).

Round table / Table ronde – Organized by / Organisée par Anny Morissette (Saint Paul University); Presented by / Présentée par: Mary Hannaburg, Denise Larocque, Ashley Guanish, Maggie Chittspattio, Anahi Morales Hudon, Anny Morissette Quebec Native Women – Saint Paul University Summer School: Stories of Empowerment – Récits d’autonomisation : retour sur l’expérience transformative de l’École d’été Femmes autochtones du Québec – Université Saint-Paul

Special session / Session spéciale – The way forward: Drawing from Algonquian epistemologies to talk about Algonquian languages / La voie d’avenir : puiser dans l’épistémologie pour parler des langues algonquiennes. Facilitated by /facilité par Wesley Leonard & Marie-Odile Junker.