The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Waisberg, Leo G.
Joan A. Lovisek, Leo G. Waisberg & Tim E. Holzkamm
1995  “Deprived of Part of Their Living”: Colonialism and Ninetheenth-Century Flooding of Ojibwa Lands. 26:226-239.
Joan A. Lovisek, Tim E. Holzkamm & Leo G. Waisberg
1996  “Cultural Leprosy”: The “Aboriginal Ethnology” of Ruth Landes. 27:164-179.
Leo G. Waisberg & Tim E. Holzkamm
1994  “Their Country is Tolerably Rich in Furs”: The Ojibwa Fur Trade in the Boundary Waters Region 1821-71. 25:493-513.
Leo G. Waisberg, Joan A. Lovisek & Tim E. Holzkamm
1996  Ojibwa reservations as “an incubus upon the territory’‘: the Indian removal policy of Ontario 1874-1982. 27:337-352.  
Tim E. Holzkamm and Leo G. Waisberg
1993  Agriculture and One 19th-Century Ojibwa Band: “They Hardly Ever Loose Sight of Their Field”. 24:407-424.
Tim E. Holzkamm, Leo G. Waisberg & Joan A. Lovisek
1995  “Stout Athletic Fellows’‘: The Ojibwa During the ‘’Big-Game Collapse’‘ in Northwestern Ontario 1821-71. 26:169-182.
Walker, Willard
Nicholas N. Smith & Willard Walker
1997  The changing role of shamans and their magic in the validation and maintenance of Wabanaki culture. 28:365-371.
Willard Walker
1984  Wabanaki Wampum Protocol. 15:107-122.
1996  Wabanaki “Little People” and Passamaquoddy Social Control. 27:353-361.
2000  The Passamaquoddies and Their Priests. 31:420-427.
2001  The Passamaquoddies and the State 32:611-616.
2003  George Soctomah’s Hat 34:393-399.
2004  Wabanaki Seating Arrangements 35:431-434.
Warne, Janet
Janet Warne
1980  Time-Depth in Mahican Diachronic Phonology: Evidence from the Schmick Manuscript. 11:166-182.
Weaver, Deborah
Deborah Weaver
1983  The Effect of Language Change and Death on Obviation in Mitchif. 14:261-268.
Westman, Clinton N.
2012 Cree Pentecostalism and Its Others 40:395-418.
Wheeler, Clinton Joliffe
Clinton Joliffe Wheeler
1977  The Historic Assiniboine: A Territorial Dispute in the Ethnohistoric Literature. 8:115- 123.
Clinton Joliffe Wheeler & A.P. Buchner
1975  Rock Art: A Metalinguistic Interpretation of the Algonkian Word for Stone. 6:362-371.
Wherry, James Dennis
James Dennis Wherry
1979  Abnaki, Etchemin, and Malecite. 10:181-190.
Whidden, Lynn
Lynn Whidden
1983  Traditional Cree Song and the Problem of Creativity in Music. 14:181-188.
Whittaker, Gordon
Gordon Whittaker
1996  The Sauk language: a first look. 27:362-401.
Williams, Shirley
Shirley Williams
1993  Native Languages at Trent University. 25:425-429.
Williams, Watson
Watson Williams & John Jerome
1979  Aspects of Micmac Intransitive Animate Inflection. 10:191-202.
Winter, Gail
Gail Winter
1997  First Nation postsecondary students: factors influencing progress. 28:418-435.
Wishart, Robert
Robert Wishart
1996  Southwestern Ontario hunting narratives. 27:402-409.
Wolfart, H. Christoph
Charlotte Reinholtz & H.Christoph Wolfart
2001  The Syntax of Emphatic ani in Eastern Swampy Cree and in Plains Cree 32:427-454.
Freda Ahenakew & H. Christoph Wolfart
1983  Productive Reduplication in Plains Cree. 14:369-377.
H. Christoph Wolfart
1977  Les paradigmes verbaux ojibwa et la position du dialecte de Severn. 8:188-206.
1980  Marked Terms for Marginal Kin. 11:283-293.
1986  Taboo and Taste in Literary Translation. 17:377-394.
1989  Cree Midwifery: Linguistic and Literary Observations. 20:326-342.
1990  1001 Nights: The Orient and the Far Northwest. 21:370-395.
H. Christoph Wolfart & David H. Pentland
1979  The “Bowrey” Dictionary and Henry Kelsey. 10:37-42.
H. Christoph Wolfart & Sally M. Shrofel
1977  Aspects of Cree Interference in Island Lake Ojibwa. 8:156-167.
Wolvengrey, Arok
Arok Wolvengrey
1996  Evaluating a standard roman orthography for Saulteaux 27:410-425.