The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Abler, Thomas S.
Thomas S. Abler
1990  Micmacs and Gypsies: Occupation of the Peripatetic Niche. 21:1-11.
Ahenakew, Freda
Freda Ahenakew & H. Christoph Wolfart
1983  Productive Reduplication in Plains Cree. 14:369-377.
Alford, Dan
Dan Alford
1975  Linguistic Speculation on the Pre-History of the Cheyenne People. 6:10-29.
Apt, Margaret
Margaret Apt, and Julia Schultz
2012  “Language Keepers”: The Role of Facilitator in Documenting Passamaquoddy-Maliset Group Discourse. 40:1-12.
Arsenault, Daniel
Daniel Arsenault
1995  A unique pictograph site in the context of political and ideological conflicts. 27:1-10.
Artuso, Christian
Christian Artuso
1998  Language Change Across Four Generations of an Algonquin Family: Some Preliminary Findings. 29:1-17.
Aubin, George F.
George F. Aubin
1975  The Edison Insight and the Williams Materials. 6:180-195.
1976  Color Terms in Narragansett. 7:105-114.
1977  Quelques aspects du système consonnantique du narragansett. 8:151-155.
1978  Toward the Linguistic History of an Algonquian Dialect: Observations on the Wood Vocabulary. 9:127-137.
1979  Golden Lake Algonquin: A Preliminary Report. 10:121-125.
1980  Comments on Cotton’s Vocabulary. 11:54-60.
1981  Remarks on Golden Lake Algonquin. 12:39-46.
1982  Ethnographic Notes from Golden Lake. 13:47-52.
1983  A Lord’s Prayer in Wampanoag? 14:239-244.
1984  Verb Paradigms in Golden Lake Algonquin. 15:217-224.
1987  Three Texts in Golden Lake Algonquin. 18:1-6.
1988  “Girls Hunting Groundhogs”: A Text in Golden Lake Algonquin. 19:1-5.
1989  Some Verb Paradigms in Golden Lake Algonquin: II. 20:1-16.
1991  Comments on Some Demonstratives in Golden Lake Algonquin. 22:1-10.
1992  Comments on “A Pocket Vocabulary of Terms Alphabetically Arranged, 1822”. 23:1- 11.
1994  A Look at the Ojibwa Vocabulary of Baudry des Lozières. 25:1-12.
1995  The French-Algonquin Dictionary Fragment in ASSM Manuscrit 14 (Anonyme VI): A First Look. 26:1-14.
1996  The French-Algonquin Dictionary Fragment in ASSM Manuscrit 14 (Anonyme VI): some further comments. 27:11-24.
1997  The Principes Algonquins of ASSM manuscript 104 (1661). 28:1-13.
1998  Kinship Terms in Golden Lake Algonquin. 29:18-29.
2001  The Algonquin-French Manuscript ASSM 104 (1661) 32:1-17.
2003  The Algonquin-French Manuscript ASSM 104 (1661): Miscellanea 34:1-17.
2004  Number Terms in Three Old Algonquin Manuscripts 35:13-34.
2005  ASSM Manuscript 103 by Anonyme IV (1669?) 36:1-22.
2007 The Negative Future Imperative in Algonquin. 38:1-9.
2012 A Look at the ASSM Manuscript #34. 40:13-39
Axtell, James
James Axtell
1975  The European Failure to Convert the Indians: An Autopsy. 6:274-290.
1980  Last Rights: The Acculturation of Native Funerals in Colonial North America. 11:96- 112.
Ayoungman-Clifton, Elaine
Elaine Ayoungman-Clifton
1995  Humour in the Siksika (Blackfoot) Language. 26:15-21.