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Volume 23

The 23rd Algonquian Conference was held at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario in October 1991. Twenty-three of the papers presented at the conference are included in the Papers of the Twenty-third Algonquian Conference, edited by William Cowan.


George F. Aubin

Comments on “A Pocket Vocabulary of Terms Alphabetically Arranged,” 1822

Jo Anne Bennett

Changing Concepts of Self in Northern Ontario Communities and Some Implications for the Future

Eleanor M. Blain

A Prosodic Look at Ojibwa Reduplication

Janet Elizabeth Chute

Ceremoney, Social Revitalization and Change: Micmac Leadership and the Annual Festival of St. Anne

William Cowan

Cree Vocabulary in the Works of James Oliver Curwood

Bryan Cummings

Trapper-Trader: An Analysis of the Structure of Relations

Regna Darnell

The Inadvertant Muffling of Native Voices in the Southern Ontario Media

Marinus Dieleman

Some Implications Concerning Forms of Consciousness and Resistanc in Native Adult Learners

Matthew S. Dryer

A Comparison of Obviation Systems of Kunenai and Algonquian

David A. Ezzo and Micahel Moskowitz

Delaware Indian Land Claims: A Historical and Legal Perspective

George Fulford

The Pictographic Account Book of an Ojibwa Fur Trader

Frederic W. Gleach

A Traditional Story of the Powhatan Indians Recorded in the Early 19th Century

Ives Goddard

Fox (Mesquakie) Kinship Terminology

Robert M. Leavitt

Lexical Exploration and Educational Insight

Marguerite Mackenzie

Negative Markers in East Cree and Montagnais

Tody Morantz

The Judiciary as Anthropoloists: New Insights into Social Organization: The Teme-Augama Anishnabay Case

Alvin H. Morrison

Indian Land-Deeds in the North-East: Some Ethnohistorical Basics

Cath Oberholtzer

One Man’s Perspective: Sam Walter’s Years at Moose Factory

John O’Meara

Intransitive Verbs with Secondary Objects in Munsee Delaware

Michael M. Pomedli

Orality in Early Greek and Cree Traditions

Nicholas N. Smith

Fort La Presentation: The Abenaki

Rodney Staab

Dining with the Delaware: Kansas Delaware Homes and Hospitality, 1830s–1860s

Mary Ellen Thames, Kathleen R. Gibson, and Kathryn T. Molohon

Creating a Population and Geneaological Research Database