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Volume 25

The 25th Algonquian Conference was held at L’Université de Québec à Montréal in Montreal, Quebec in October 1993. Thirty-one of the papers presented at the conference are included in the Papers of the Twenty-fifth Algonquian Conference, edited by William Cowan.


 George F. Aubin

A Look at the Ojibwa Vocabulary of Baudry des Loziéres

Peter Bakker

Is John Long’s Chippeway (1971) on Ojibwa Pidgin?

Peter Bakker and Lynn Drapeau

Adventures with Beothuks in 1787: A Testimony from Jean Conan’s Autobiography

Mark Campana

Possessor-Licensening in Passamaquoddy

Amy Dahlstrom

An Analog to Tough Movement in Fox Syntax

Regna Darnell

Private Discourse, Public Discourse and Algonquian Oral Tradition

J. Peter Denny

Archaelogical Correlates of Algonquian Languages in Quebec-Labrador

Claire Dubé

La calendrier micmac: représ astronomiques et cosmologiques

David A. Ezzo and Micahel Moskowitz

Delaware Participation in the American Civil War

Hanny Feurer

Changes in Bilingual Education at Waskaganish in Light of Cummin’s Interdependence Hypothesis

George Fulford

A Structural Analysis of Cree Children’s Drawings: II

Frederic W. Gleach

Pocahontas and Captain John Smith Revisited

Ives Goddard

The West-to-East Cline in Algonquian Dialectology

Evan Haefeli and Kevin Sweeney

Wattanummon’s World: Personal and Tribal Identity in the Algonquian Diaspora c. 1660–1712

Freida Hjartarson

Learning and Algonquian Children

Laurence Johnson

La réserve malécite de Viger: Qui va à la chasse perd sa place

Marie-Odile Junker and Louise Blacksmith

Reduplication in East Cree

David A. Francis and Robert M. Leavitt

More Lexical Exploration: Passamaquoddy Synonyms

J.A. Lovisek

Lac des mille lacs “Dammed and Diverted”: An Ethnological Study

Jill F. Kealey McRae

Malecite and Passamaqoddy Tales: The Spirit Revealed

Alvin H. Morrison

The Case of the Slandered(?) Sagamore: Ouagimou of the St. Croix River

Cath Oberholtzer

Cree Leggings as a Form of Communication

Michael M. Pomedli

Métis and Surveying: Tensions Regarding Place

Harald E.L. Prins

Neo-Traditions in Native Communities: Sweat Lodge and Sun Dance among the Micmac Today

Theresa Schenck

Identifying the Ojibwa

Nicholas N. Smith

Gift Diplomacy: Medals for the Wabanaki

Rodney Staab

“When Shawnees Die They Go to Probate Court”: Cultural Practices of the Kansas Shawnees 1830s–1860s

David Stewart-Smith

Pennacook-Pawtucket Relations: The Cycles of Family Alliance on the Merrimack River in the 17th Century

Lousie Tassé

Prises et protégés: Liens de parenté et liens communautaires à Kitigan Zibi

Lisa Philips Valentine

Performing Native Identities

Leo G. Waisberg and Tim E. Holzkamm

“Their Country is Tolerably Rich in Furs”: The Ojibwa Fur Trade in the Boundary Waters Region 1821–71