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Volume 36

The 36th Algonquian Conference was held at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in October 2004. This volume was edited by H.C. Wolfart and published at the University of Manitoba. It includes eight pages of color illustration.

September 2005. Pp. x, 471. ISSN 0831-5671; v. 36 $48.00.


George F. Aubin, Assumption College

ASSM Manuscript 103 by Anonyme IV (1669?)

Marshall J. Becker, West Chester University

Penobscot Wampum Belt Use during the 1722-1727 Conflict in Maine

Marie-Pierre Bousquet, Université de Montréal

Des lois, des cartes et des valeurs sociales : Les débats générationnels dans une communauté algonquine du Québec

Phil Branigan, Julie Brittain & Carrie Dyck, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Balancing Syntax and Prosody in the Algonquian Verb Complex

Lisa Conathan, University of California, Berkeley

Arapaho Verbal Reduplication: Form and Meaning

David J. Costa, El Cerrito, California

The St-Jérôme Dictionary of Miami-Illinois

Andrew Cowell, University of Colorado

Arapaho Plant Names

Regna Darnell & Maria Cristina Manzano Munguia, University of Western Ontario

Nomadic Legacies and Urban Algonquian Residence

Wendy Geniusz, University of Minnesota

Keewaydinoquay: Anishinaabe-mashkikiikwe and Ethnobotanist

Ives Goddard, Smithsonian Institution

Modal Attraction and Other Cases of Functional Overlap in Meskwaki Modes

Vivian Lin, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Competing Approaches to Weak Crossover in Algonquian Languages

John S. Long, Nipissing University

An Idea Ahead of its Time: Vernacular-Language Education for Northern Ontario

Victor P. Lytwyn, Acton, Ontario

Inland Sea Navigators: Algonquian Mastery of the Great Lakes

Michael McCafferty, Bloomington, Indiana

The Latest Miami-Illinois Dictionary and its Author

Cath Oberholtzer, Trent University

Material Culture of the Mistassini Cree: Local Expression or Regional Style?

David H. Pentland, University of Manitoba

Preverbs and Particles in Algonquian

Charlotte Reinholtz, Queen’s University

Cree (na)mayêw: Another Negative Particle

Richard A. Rhodes, University of California, Berkeley

Directional Preverbs in Ojibwe and the Registration of Path

Rebecca Shields, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Menominee Preverbs as Functional Categories

Nicholas N. Smith, Brunswick, Maine

The Rebirth of a Nation? A Chapter in Penobscot History

Lucy Thomason, Smithsonian Institution

Meskwaki Prenouns

J. Randolph Valentine, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Prescription and Proscription in Ojibwe Animal-Marriage Tales