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Volume 43

The 43rd Algonquian Conference was held at the University of Michigan in October 2011. This fully refereed volume was edited by J. Randolph Valentine and Monica Macaulay.

This volume is now available from SUNY Press. Click here to purchase PAC 43.


J. Randolph Valentine and Monica Macaulay


George Aubin

Two Mathevet Manuscripts in ASSM #43

Amy Dahlstrom

Meskwaki Comparatives:  A First Look

Rose-Marie Déchaine, Toni Cardinal, David Johnson, and Anne-Marie Kidd

Plains Cree Personal Pronouns

Lynn Drapeau

A Generalized Applicative in Innu

Ives Goddard

The Twenty-nine Enclitics of Meskwaki 

Meredith Johnson

AI+O Verbs:  A Distributed Morphology Analysis  

Meredith Johnson and Bryan Rosen

The Syntax of Discontinuous Noun Phrases in Algonquian Languages:  Left Branch Extractions and Focus Movements 

Meredith Johnson, Monica Macaulay, Bryan Rosen, and Rachel Wang

A Survey of Menominee Word Order

John S. Long

Treaty No. 9:  D.C. Scott’s Accidental Gift

Richard A. Rhodes

Instrumentality and Frames in Ojibwe

Olivia N. Sammons and Wesley Y. Leonard

Breathing New Life into Algonquian Languages:  Lessons from the Breath of Life Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages

Michael Sullivan

Ojibwe Drum Music:  Structure and Language

Jimena Terraza

Person Hierarchies in Eastern Ojibwe (Nishnaabemwin)

Martina Wiltschko, Valerie Marshall, Andy Matheson, Audra Vincent

Independent Pronouns in Blackfoot