Volume 47

The 47th Algonquian Conference was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 22–25 October 2015. It was organized by Will Oxford and Nicole Rosen of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Manitoba, together with their student assistant Vivian Xu. This fully refereed volume was edited by Monica Macaulay and Margaret Noodin.

This volume is now available from MSU Press: order.


Monica Macaulay and Margaret Noodin


Antti Arppe, Chris Harvey, Marie-Odile Junker, and J. Randolph Valentine

Algonquian Verb Paradigms: A Case for Systematicity and Consistency

Roland Bohr

Historical Concepts and Perceptions of Snakes in Western Algonquian Bows

Chuck Bourgeiois

She Beads like a Cocom but Designs like a Young Person: An Exploration of Beading as Anishnaabe Epistemology

Rose-Marie Déchaine and Natalie Weber

Root Syntax: Evidence from Algonquian

Ives Goddard

Blackfoot and Core Algonquian Inflectional Morphology: Archaisms and Innovations

Michael David Hamilton

On Ordering and Reordering Arguments

Atticus G. Harrigan, Antti Arppe, and Arok Wolvengrey

Toward a Detailed Plains Cree VAI Paradigm

Kyumin Kim

The Role of Final Morphemes in Blackfoot: Marking Aspect or Sentience?

Carol-Rose Little

Subjects, Animacy, and Agreement in Mi’gmaq Transitive Verbs

Hunter Thompson Lockwood

Nominal TAM and the Preterit in Potawatomi

Cherry Meyer

Noun Categorization in Ojibwe: Animacy Is Gender and Gender Is Separate from the Count/Mass Distinction

Mizuki Miyashita

Vowel-Consonant Coalescence in Blackfoot

Madoka Mizumoto and Inge Genee

Blackfoot Sibling Terms: Representing Culturally Specific Meanings in a Blackfoot-English Bilingual Dictionary

Mary Ann Naokwegijig-Corbiere

Lexicographical Dilemmas from the Perspective of Bezhik ENshinaabemat

Richard A. Rhodes

Baraga’s Jesus o Bimadisiwin

Todd Snider and Sarah E. Murray

Expressing Comparison in Cheyenne

Fanny York

An Overview of Change of State Lexicalization Patterns in Innu