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Volume 27

The 27th Algonquian Conference held at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, October 1995. Twenty-six of the papers presented at the conference are included in the Papers of the Twenty-seventh Algonquian Conference, edited by David H. Pentland, published by the University of Manitoba.

Pp. xi, 425 Illus., maps 9×6″ (paperback). ISSN 0031-5671; v.27.


Daniel Arsenault

A Unique Pictograph Site in the Context of Political and Ideological Conflicts

George F. Aubin

The French-Algonquin Dictionary Fragment in ASSm Manuscript 14 (Anonyme VI): Some Further Comments

Julie Brittain

Two Negative Morphemes in Sheshâtshît Montagnais (innu-aimun): apû and ekâ

Regna Darnell

Cree Kinship Semantics as Interactions

Matthew S. Dryer

Passive Vs. Indefinite Actor Construction in Plains Cree

George Fulford

A Structural Analysis of Cree Children’s Drawings, IV

David L. Ghere and Alvin H. Morrison

Sanctions for Slaughter: Peacetime Violence on the Maine Frontier, 1749-1772

Ives Goddard

Writing and Reading Mesquakie (Fox)

Deborah James, Sandra Clarke and Marguerite MacKenzie

Indirect Evidentials in the Cree/Montagnais/Naskapi of Quebec and Labrador

C. Bruce Lawrence and Marica George Simon

Comparing Stories: The London Free Press vs. Stony Point First Nation

Joan A. Lovisek, Tim E. Holtzkamm and Leo G. Waisberg

“Cultural Leprosy”: The “Aboriginal Ethnology” of Ruth Landes

Barbara Luka

PC-Kimmon for Fox: A Computational Tool for the Morphological Parsing of Fox Texts

Lawrence T. Martin

The Franciscan Mission to the Wisconsin Chippewa: The Evidence of Sermons

Susanne Miskimmin

The New Age Movement’s Appropriation of Native Spirituality: Some Political Implications for the Algonquian Nation

Amoena B. Norcross

A Classification of Color Verbs in Shawnee

David H. Pentland

The Southern Algonquians and their Neighbours

Nicholas N. Smith

The Wabanaki Trading Dance

Rodney Staab

Ceremonialism of the Kansas Ottawa: John Meeker’s Commentary

J. Randolph Valentine

Phonological Parameters of Ojibwe Dialect Variation

Lisa Philips Valentine

Twenty-five Analytic Pitfalls in Algonquian Research

Leo G. Waisberg, Joan A. Lovisek & Tim E. Holzkamm

Ojibwa Reservations as “an Incubus upon the Territory”: The Indian removal Policy of Ontario 1874-1982

Willard Walker

Wabanaki “Little People” and Passamaquoddy Social Control

Gordon Whittaker

The Sauk Language: A First Look

Robert Wishart

Southwestern Ontario Hunting Narratives

Arok Wolvengrey

Evaluating a Standard Roman Orthography for Saulteaux