The following is a cumulative index by author. It includes the works of all authors that have been published in the Papers of the Algonquian Conference/Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes. These pages are no longer being updated. Last updated 2007.


Quinn, Conor
Conor Quinn
2001  A Preliminary Survey of Animacy Categories in Penobscot 32:395-426.
Rabb, J. Douglas
Dennis H. McPherson & J. Douglas Rabb
1998  Transformative Philosophy and Indigenous Thought: A Comparison of Lakota and Ojibwa World Views. 29:202-210.
Ramirez-Shwegnaabi, Ben
Richard Rhodes & Ben Ramirez-shwegnaabi
1981  The Ottawa Calendar. 12:133-138.
Ratt, Solomon
Margaret R. Cote, Solomon Ratt & Terry J. Klokeid
1987  Conditional Sentences in Cree and Saulteaux. 18:49-57.
Terry Klokeid & Solomon Ratt
1989  Using Computer Adventures to Teach Cree. 20:161-178.
Reinholtz, Charlotte
Charlotte Reinholtz
1995  Discontinuous Constituents in Swampy Cree. 26:394-412.
2002  On the Characterization of the Cree Question Particle 33:378-391.
2005  Cree (na)mayêw: Another Negative Particle 36:339-370.
Charlotte Reinholtz & H.Christoph Wolfart
2001  The Syntax of Emphatic ani in Eastern Swampy Cree and in Plains Cree 32:427-454.
Reinschmidt, Kerstin Müller
Kerstin Müller Reinschmidt
1995  Language Preservation with the Help of Written Language: The Sauk Language of the Sac and Fox of Oklahoma. 26:413-430.
Reinschmidt, Michael
Michael Reinschmidt
1991  Observations on the Last Stage of a Vanishing Algonquian Language. 22:291-306.
1995  Historical and Contemporary Aspects of the Algonquian Drum Dance. 26:431-456.
Rhodes, Richard
Richard Rhodes
1976  A Preliminary Report on the Dialects of Eastern Ojibwa-Odawa. 7:129-156.
1977  French-Cree-A Case of Borrowing. 8:6-26.
1979  Some Aspects of Ojibwa Discourse. 10:102-117.
1980  On the Semantics of the Instrumental Finals in Ojibwa. 11:183-197.
1981  On the Semantics of the Ojibwa Verbs of Breaking. 12:47-56.
1982  Algonquian Trade Languages. 13:1-10.
1983  Some Comments on Ojibwa Ethnobotany. 14:307-320.
1984  Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie, and Chevrolets. 15:373-388.
1985  Metaphor and Extension in Ojibwa. 16:161-169.
1986  Métchif-A Second Look. 17:287-296.
1987  Les Conte Métif-Métif Myths. 18:297-301.
1988  Ojibwa Politeness and Social Structure. 19:165-174.
1991  On the Passive on Ojibwa. 22:307-319.
1998  The Syntax and Pragmatics of Ojibwe mii. 29:286-294.
2001  Text Strategies in Métchif 32:455-469.
2004  Alexander Francis Chamberlain and The Language of the Mississaga Indians of Skugog 35:363-372.
2005  Directional Preverbs in Ojibwe and the Registration of Path 36:371-382.
2012 Algonquian Trade Languages Revisited. 40:358-369.
Richard Rhodes & Ben Ramirez-shwegnaabi
1981  The Ottawa Calendar. 12:133-138.
Wayne Leman & Richard Rhodes
1978  Cheyenne Vowel Devoicing. 9:3-24.
Rice, Alanna
2012  Reviving Manhood: Algonquian Masculinity and Christianity Following the First Great Awakening in Southern New England. 40:370-394.
Rogers, Edward S.
Mary Black-Rogers & Edward S. Rogers
1980  Adoption of Patrilineal Surname System by Bilateral Northern Ojibwa: Mapping the Learning of an Alien System. 11:198-230.
1983  The Cranes and their Neighbours, 1770-1970. 14:91-124.
Rogers, Rogers, Jean H.
Jean H. Rogers
1976  Coding of Role Information in Ojibwa. 7:257-271.
Rudes, Rudes, Blair A.
Blair A. Rudes
1998  Resolution to Some Uncertain Wampano (Quiripi) Etymologies. 29:295-300.
Ruml, Mark F.
Mark F. Ruml
2000  The De-sacralization of the Pow-wow? Some Initial Observations. 31:333-338.
Russell, Dale
Dale Russell
1987  Person Agreement in Cheyenne: A Reanalysis of Post-Stem Suffixes. 18:303-319.
Russell, Kevin
Kevin Russell
1991  Obviation as Discourse Structure in a Swampy Cree âcimowin. 22:320-335.
Rutherford, Douglas E.
Douglas E. Rutherford
1990  Continuity of Moorehead Phase Populations in New Brunswick and Maine. 21:329- 336.